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nevis geothermal

An Island Nation Prepares For A Geothermal Revolution

Sitting on top of a volcano may be just what Nevis, a small sombrero-shaped Caribbean Island, needs to become one of the greenest nations on Earth. Frequented by many celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Douglas and Beyoncé, this… Read More
verdant power turbines

Hydro Power Footprint Shrinks, Possibilities Stay Big

Generating loads of electricity from moving water might soon shift away from the province of behemoth structures like Washington’s Grand Coulee and China’s Three Gorges dams. Over the last few years, researchers and industry have been chalking up successes developing… Read More

Electric Multirotor Aircraft Takes To The Skies

German startup E-volo GmbH for the first time prodded its battery-powered, 18-propeller multirotor aircraft off the ground during a series of brief test flights Nov. 17 in an indoor arena. The two-person vertical-takeoff-and-landing Volocopter VC200 craft — neither a helicopter… Read More

New Sensors Powered In A Low Power Way

Imagine these formerly dumb systems gone smart: a roof that announces when it’s about to spring a leak; a garden that monitors moisture on its own and applies just the right amount of water when it’s needed; and a bridge… Read More

American Maglev Trains Still Stuck At The Station

The seemingly magical magnetic-levitation (maglev) train, cruising at ultra-high speeds a few inches above the track rather than on it, is capable of hitting 250 to 300 mph because there’s no friction. They use electro- and permanent magnets to induce… Read More

Electric Cars’ Killer App: Carbon Fiber?

Editor’s Note: EarthTechling is proud to repost this article courtesy of Txchnologist. Author credit goes to Jim Motavalli. The SRT Viper, introduced with great fanfare at the New York International Auto Show this month, breathes fire with a 640-horsepower V-10… Read More