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Solar water fountains are a perfect accent to your garden or pond. They are inexpensive and remarkably easy to use – just unbox it and place it in the water!

No need to find outdoor outlets and run cords to your pond. In fact, most don’t even come with wires, as the solar panel, pump, and electrical components are all integrated into one unit. We researched the market for the five best solar water fountains on the market.

Check out all of our top 5 picks for the best solar water fountains and pumps for 2021 to find the perfect solar powered fountain for you.

Top 5 Best Solar Water Fountains for 2021

When searching for our top five picks, we weeded out any products with poor customer reviews, poor service, or exorbitant prices. With our shortlist in hand, we focused in on features, size, and aesthetics to find the best solar fountains for you.

Below you’ll find something to suit your needs, whether you want to spruce up your patio, small bird bath, or large pond – or you’re just looking for a good value.
Let’s take a look at each product’s specs, features, and what customers have to say.

Solar Water Fountain Reviews

Cocofit Solar Water Fountain

Cocofit Solar Powered Fountain

Best Solar Fountain Overall

Quick Look: 6 different nozzles, 2.5 watt panel, 20” – 24” jet, 800mAh battery

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The Cocofit Solar Powered Fountain Pump is our pick for best overall solar water fountain. It’s powerful and well-reviewed, at a very fair price compared to similar products.

Like most of the fountains on our list, this product integrates the solar panel, pump, and equipment into a single floating unit. All you need to do is just place it in your pond, pool, or bird feeder and you’re good to go. If you’re worried about the fountain floating, don’t be! This weighs just 7 ounces, so it’s less than half a pound.

At 2.5 watts, the solar panel is about 2x bigger than many solar water fountains, and the 2.2 watt pump can shoot water into the air 20 to 24 inches high. If you’re looking for a smaller fountain, check out the Solatec Solar Fountain we review below, which comes with a 1.4 watt panel and a much more subtle jet, shooting water from just 12 to 20 inches high.

The kit includes 6 different nozzles to change both the jet height and shape and the manufacturer notes that water needs to be at least 1” deep for the fountain to work properly.

If the sun’s not out, the kit includes an integrated 800mAh Li-ion battery – the standard battery size for most solar water fountains – that can keep it going for about an hour, though happily some buyers report the battery lasting several hours when sunlight isn’t available (it just depends on the amount of light that is available).

The fountain is also rated at IP68 in the IP Code, meaning it has been tested and found to be 100% waterproof when submerged in water for an indefinite amount of time – a must for submerged pumps and electrical equipment.

A word of caution, it seems the manufacturer has recycled the Amazon page from previous products, so there are customer reviews for other products – both positive and negative – mixed in with reviews for the solar water fountain. Overall, buyers of the solar fountain report the product is durable and works well, but like any imported electronic device on Amazon, some report faulty devices that quickly quit functioning. However, these comments are rare and the 12-month warranty alleviates most of the concern.

Cocofit isn’t the only manufacturer making solar water fountains. There are a dozen or more fountains on Amazon with very similar specs, down to the battery size and number of nozzles. For example, the Viajero 2.5W Solar Fountain includes an integrated 800mAh battery, 6 nozzles, and a 2.5 watt solar panel – almost exactly the same as the Cocofit fountain. The Viajero even has fantastic reviews, but when comparing both cost and customer reviews, as well as features, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better value than the Cocofit Solar Water Fountain.

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Smart Solar Ceramic Solar Cascade Fountain

Cosscci Solar Fountain

Best Value

Quick look: Low price, 1.4 watt solar panel, 3 separate heads, no battery

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The Cosscci Solar Fountain Water Pump wins our award for best value thanks to its great reviews and low price. In fact, it’s the lowest-priced fountain on our whole list! Don’t let the cost fool you though. While it’s a simple product, it works just as well as any of the other products on our list.

How does Cosscci make it so cheap? First, it’s smaller than other solar fountains. The solar panel produces just 1.4 watts, compared to the 2.5 watts of the Cocofit fountain above. Second, this little solar fountain does not include any battery. While the other fountains on our list typically include an 800mAh battery and can run for about an hour, this battery-less fountain only works when the sun is out.

This keeps cost down, but of course, if there’s no sun, you don’t have a working fountain. If you want a smaller solar fountain that does include a battery, take a look at the Cocofit above or the Aisitin fountain below.

But if you just want a cheap solar fountain to enjoy on a sunny day, the Cosscci covers all your needs for the price of a couple hamburgers. The entire unit is just 7” wide and weighs just 5.6 ounces – about 1/3 of a pound. The pump can spray water between 10 and 15 inches and includes three different sprayer heads for different patterns. Your pond or bird bath needs about 2” of water for the pump to work properly, so keep this in mind. If water depth is an issue, take a look at the Cocofit fountain above, which only needs 1” of water to operate.

Several buyers noted that with any of the spray heads attached the water jet is simply too high for a small bird bath and that any wind will push the water out of the bath, quickly depleting your water supply. To solve the problem, one buyer simply left the fountain without attaching any spray head, creating a gushing, ‘burbling’ effect. Another buyer actually went McGyver and attached a bendable straw to the head and bent it back towards the bath, creating a ‘slide’ to direct the water back down.

If you do have a small bird bath and live in a windy area, you might need to take an extra step or two so you’re not constantly refilling the bath with water.

The manufacturer doesn’t publicize any IP rating (read more on IP Ratings below) to prove its waterproof-ness, but users report the fountain works surprisingly well, so you shouldn’t worry too much. Many even note the fountain bubbles up in low light and partial shade thanks to the efficient solar panel, a definite bonus considering there’s no battery.

If you want a basic, no frills solar fountain, the Cosscci Solar Fountain is about perfect and comes at a very reasonable price. If you like the small size, but want your solar panel separate from the pump, take a look at Cosscci’s 1.8W Solar Fountain. This kit still includes a small solar panel detached from the pump, which allows you to place the solar panel in full sun and run the wire to the pump submerged in a shade-stricken pond or bird bath.

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Aisitin 1000mAh 5W Solar Fountain Pump

AISITIN 5W Solar Fountain

Best Solar Fountain for Ponds

Quick Look: Large 5 watt panel, large 1000mAh battery, separate solar panel and pump.

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Aisitin’s 5W Solar Fountain is certainly the outlier when looking at solar fountains for ponds and fish tanks, but that’s a good thing.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the solar panel and pump aren’t integrated into a single unit like in most solar fountains. If your pond suffers from continual shade throughout the day, a typical integrated solar+pump combo just won’t work, as the solar panel won’t have access to sunlight to run the pump and charge the batteries.

However, with Aisitin’s solar fountain, you can place the pump in your shaded pond and run the wire to a nice, sunny spot where you can install your solar panel. And since the solar panel is just 11” by 7” (smaller than a sheet of printer paper), it’s easy to find a small, hidden area around the yard where the little panel can fit. And since the solar panels aren’t integrated into the pump, the pump itself is smaller as well, creating a more pleasant aesthetic.

While more versatile than other options, this design does necessitate a bit more setup than the others on our list, but it’s not too involved at all. As mentioned, you’ll have to find a good spot for the solar panel and run the wire to the fountain. It’s not difficult, but a few more steps than simply placing a single solar+pump unit in the water. In essence, the Aisitin takes the setup from an instantaneous process to a 5 to 10 minute process.

The solar panel itself is probably the most durable on our entire list. It’s simply a smaller version of a conventional solar panel, complete with aluminum frame and tempered glass. Solar panels like these are designed for long-term, hard use in the elements. More than likely, it will outlive the pump and you’ll have years of beautiful green energy.

The kit also comes with 6 nozzles to vary the jet’s height and shape and a 1,000mAh battery – the biggest in any solar fountain we’ve seen so far (most include an 800mAh battery). With the larger battery, the pump will continue working for 1 ½ to 2 hours without sunlight, compared to about an hour for most other pumps.

Like the Cocofit – our choice for best overall solar fountain – the Aisitin needs just an inch of water to function properly. The pump even comes with a water sensor and will stop working when there’s no water present.

While there aren’t as many customer reviews for this product, the reviews that do exist are overwhelmingly positive. Users say it works well on cloud-covered days and in partial shade. They also report that it is watertight and durable.

Because it is the largest kit on our list, the price of Aisitin’s solar fountain is a bit higher than most. If you’re looking for a solar fountain that includes a separate solar panel and pump, but want to spend as little as possible, check out Cosscci’s 1.8W Solar Fountain, which is very similar, though smaller, and comes in at about half the price.

If your pond is located in an area of the yard that is just too shady for a solar panel, the Aisitin solar fountain is the perfect option for you.

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Solatec Solar Fountain

Solatec Solar Fountain

Best Solar Fountain for Bird Baths

Quick Look: 1.4 watts, 12” – 20” stream, 4 nozzles

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Our top pick for small areas like bird baths goes to Solatec’s Solar Fountain. Its small size is perfect for keeping visiting aviary entertained and it enjoys the most reviews of any product on our list.

Like the Cosscci Solar Fountain Water Pump – our pick for best value – the Solatec fountain includes 1.4 watts of solar, so it’s on the smaller end. The water jet can shoot up between 12” and 20” in height  and the four included nozzles alter the shape and size of the jet.

Also like the Cosscci above, this fountain doesn’t include a battery, so it has no way to store energy. As such, it only works when the sun is shining. On cloudy days, when covered in shade, or after the sun goes down, the solar fountain will stop working.

You might be wondering why you’d spend a few extra bucks on this Solatec fountain when the Cosscci fountain is cheaper and has many of the same features. It’s a good question!

First, Cosscci doesn’t mention any sort of warranty for its fountain, so if something goes wrong, you’re out of luck. Solatec, on the other hand, offers a 12-month guarantee. Second, while the Cosscci has a couple hundred reviews, the Solatec has thousands. Most of those reviews report that the fountain works well as long as it has full sun. Some buyers report that, on cloudy days, the fountain will spurt water, but not the full jet that full sun brings.

Overall, you’re paying a few extra bucks for a longer warranty (or a warranty period) and a better assurance that it’ll work as promised, thanks to the proliferation of great reviews.

Like other solar fountains here, if you live in a windy area, a heavy gust can blow the water in the jet out of your bird bath, depleting your water supply. Buyers have found varying remedies for the situation, including simply removing the nozzle and drilling out the nozzles so the water jet doesn’t shoot as high.

Overall, this solar fountain is a great option for small applications like a bird bath or small pond. Its simple battery-less setup should last for many seasons and the great reviews and 12-month warranty offer good peace of mind should something break.

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Smart Solar Ceramic Solar Cascade Fountain

Smart Solar Ceramic Solar Cascade Fountain

Best Solar Patio Fountain

Quick Look: Decorative, 5 ceramic bowls, separate solar panel, 10 ft cable, no battery

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All of the above solar fountains are only helpful if you already have a pond, bird bath, fish tank, or other body of water. If you’ve found yourself living a dry life without any water in your backyard, but still want the soothing burble of a water fountain, you’re not completely out of luck! There’s a whole world of solar-powered water fountains that combine the solar panel, pump, and water container into one package. Our favorite is Smart Solar’s Ceramic Solar Cascade Fountain.

This self-contained decorative fountain is perfect for adding the soothing sound of flowing water to your porch, patio, or backyard. The entire kit includes five ceramic bowls, each ascending above the previous, with a small pump to move water from the bottom to the top. The pump is powered by a separate solar panel connected with a 10ft cable, which allows you to place the solar panel in a sunny area, regardless of where you want to install the fountain.

The entire unit measures 22” high and 15.5” wide and the largest bowl is 14” across and 5” deep and holds two gallons of water. At this size, consider the fountain as an accent piece, perfect for a quiet corner of the yard or patio.

Five different colors are available – Red Lava, Tangerine, Kiwi, Blueberry, and Green Bamboo – so you can easily match your outdoor décor. Customers rave on the look of the stoneware bowls as well as the design of the structure itself. Some customers have complained of the pump dying early, but as long as your water is clean (there’s no filter for the pump) and you ensure that the bowl is filled up, you should easily be able to avoid burning the motor out prematurely.

Like any product, there are a few downsides to this fountain. First off, since it includes more parts than the other fountains on our list, it also costs more as well. It’s about 3x to 5x the price of any of the other fountains. Second, the kit does not include a battery integrated into the solar panel, so there’s no way to store electricity for later use. The fountain will only work when the sun is out.

If you like to sip tea in the evening and want to add a fountain to your night-time relaxation, look instead for a fountain like the Sunnydaze 3-Tier Garden Fountain, which doesn’t have nearly as many good reviews as the Smart Solar fountain above, but does include a solar panel and integrated backup battery.

If your yard lacks a pond or bird bath, but you still want a water feature, the Smart Solar Ceramic Cascade Fountain is a great option. It’s fully self-contained and looks beautiful – just remember to take a second or two each day to fill it up with water.

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What You Need to Know About Solar Water Fountains

You need little or no knowledge or experience to use solar water fountains, but we’ve compiled a few tips just to help you get the most from your new solar-powered equipment.


Maintenance for solar water fountains is very low-key. You’ll just need to clean the intake and/or spray nozzle every so often to keep the water flowing through the pump.

Because solar fountains are pumping otherwise stagnant water, any debris can clog the pump and render the whole thing useless. Thankfully, most of these solar fountains weigh less than a pound so they’re quite easy to grab out of a pond and bring inside for quick cleaning.

Some buyers report that simply cleaning the nozzle is enough to keep the fountain running (use a Q-tip to get into the holes), but in dirty or algae-filled water, the intake can get blocked as well. The intake screen on these small solar fountains can usually be removed, making the cleaning process pretty painless.

Your maintenance shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes each month and it’s a quick, painless process.

Batteries or no batteries?

Most of our solar water fountains above, like the AISITIN 5W Solar Fountain or Cocofit Solar Powered Fountain Pump include a small battery so the fountain can run even when the solar panel is shaded. Most solar fountain batteries are either 800mAh or 1000mAh, enough to keep the fountain going for an hour or two without sunlight. Batteries are a nice feature for those cloudy days or if you like to enjoy your backyard oasis during the evening.

Other fountains however, axe the battery and instead rely 100% on solar power to run the pump. Of course, this limits your pump only to times when the sun is out and smiling. On cloudy days, or in shade, or during the evening, your solar fountain simply won’t work.

Whether to buy a solar fountain with or without a battery is up to personal taste. Batteries allow you to enjoy your solar fountain more often, but they are also more expensive than battery-less kits and will eventually wear out faster than the other components, like the pump and solar panel.

Integrated or separate solar panel?

Of the 5 solar water fountains above, three integrate the solar panel and pump into a single unit, while the other two separate the solar panel and pump into two parts connected via a wire.

The integrated solar+pump fountains, like Solatec Solar Fountain, are the easiest to setup. In fact, there is no setup. Just take them out of the box and place them in the water. It doesn’t get easier than that. They’re cheap, durable, and easy to use, but they do have a major downside. Since the solar panel is integrated with the pump, these products won’t work in ponds or bird baths in shaded areas.

If your pond is under a tree or a neighbor’s playhouse shades your pond for most of the day, you’ll need to find another solution. Thankfully there is one!

Some solar water fountains, like the AISITIN 5W Solar Fountain, separate the solar panel from the pump, allowing you to install the pump wherever you like, as long as the wire can reach the pump. This gives you much more versatility, but takes a little longer to setup than those single-unit fountains.

Overall, we’d recommend going with the integrated solar+pump fountain if your pond sees bright sunshine most of the day, as they’re easy to install and cheap to buy. However, if your pond suffers from pleasant shade, it’s best to go with a kit that includes a separate panel and pump.


Solar water fountains are an easy way to spruce up any backyard bird bath or pond in just a couple of minutes. They’re quick to install, run off clean solar energy, and you only need to invest $10 to $30.

Our top pick for best overall solar water fountain, the Cocofit Solar Powered Fountain Pump, is the perfect option if you’re looking for a cost-effective, simple fountain.

However, any of our top picks will keep your pond algae free and beautiful:

Compare the Best Solar Water Fountains for 2021

No matter which product you choose, solar water fountains are an environmentally-friendly option to give your pond a soothing, clean aesthetic.