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illinois hikes EV registration

Illinois hikes registration fee for EV owners

If you drive an electric vehicle in Illinois, you’re going to get a little shock when it comes time for your annual vehicle registration. Last weekend, the Illinois National Assembly approved raising annual vehicle registration […]

Lithium-ion batteries could become safer and more powerful thanks to research at Columbia University

Lithium-ion Batteries Could Become Safer and More Powerful

A group of researchers from Columbia University have created a new technique to make longer-lasting lithium batteries that are safer than our current stock. By combining a solid-state ceramic electrolyte with boron nitrate to separate […]

Tesla Model S Police Car

Tesla Model S Converted into a Police Car

Speeders Beware: Don’t get caught by the Tesla Model S Police Car in Fremont, California According to a recent press release, the Fremont Police Department have converted a Tesla Model S into a police car. […]