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2013 Ford Fusion Energi Charging

Charge Rage: How Companies Can Keep EV Workers Happy

In a story that could only emerge from the tech laden Silicon Valley, reports are surfacing of so called “charge rage.” In this newest trend impacting electric vehicle drivers, individuals are reportedly unplugging cars and plugging theirs in instead without… Read More

Is This The Perfect Electric Car Tire?

What does it take to create a special electric vehicle tire, particularly one up to the standards of BMW’s new i3? Fairy dust? Scratching your head and patting your tummy at the same time? It is a question Bridgestone, the… Read More

Tesla Motors Recall Focuses On Possible Fire Risk

Remember the other day how we reported on Tesla Motors being proactive around overheating wall chargers for its Model S electric cars? Turns out there’s a recall issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in effect that address… Read More
Tesla Model S

Consumer Views On Electric Cars Remain Concerned

Another survey has popped up with data manufacturers of electric vehicles need to pay attention to as they try to get more consumers behind the wheels of their greener offerings. This time around findings from AutoTrader suggest shoppers have large… Read More
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Peak EV Charging Time May Not Be That Scary

A concern among utilities nationwide with regards to electric car use is what happens to the power grid during times when peak energy usage theoretically could be happening for signature events such as heat waves that tie in with vehicles… Read More

Land Rover Hybrids Complete Silk Road Trek

Back in late August Land Rover announced it was bringing to market its first ever hybrid offerings, with plans calling for deliveries to begin to interested customers in early 2014. As part of its publicity push around this, the automotive… Read More

The Rise Of The Electric Car In Germany

Electrified vehicles are more and more on the minds of automakers, particularly in Germany, as we observed from the recent Frankfurt Auto Show a slew of announcements on concept and production models. Now we see a little more as well… Read More

California Gets Its Electric Vehicle Game On

California is by far one of the largest markets for electric vehicle use in the nation. It is no wonder then that at an event called Drive The Dream that was held earlier this week and organized by a multi-stakeholder… Read More

Coda Electric Sedan Returns Like A Bad Zombie

Coda Automotive tried and failed to bring its version of an electric car into the hands of American drivers. Driven into bankruptcy this past May, it once offered a nearly $40,000 sedan which, while getting a decent electric range of… Read More

Formula E Electric Racing Car Unveiled

The evolution of electric vehicle racing is taking a big leap forward with the unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show of the Spark-Renault SRT_01E single seater racer. It is at the heart of the planned inaugural FIA Formula E Championship… Read More