Coda Automotive tried and failed to bring its version of an electric car into the hands of American drivers. Driven into bankruptcy this past May, it once offered a nearly $40,000 sedan which, while getting a decent electric range of 88 miles typically, was both overpriced and beset with vast array of troubles. Only 100 or so of these cars were sold, leaving the remaining inventory to the vultures. Or so one thought, until some others decided to see if they could make a few bucks by trying to move those non-purchased units at discount prices.

Club Auto Sales and Ready Remarketing, according to Autoblog Green, scooped up 150 Coda electric sedans for what were likely pennies on the dollar, bringing them back into the public light like bad zombies rising from a Walking Dead episode. Most of these are gliders, meaning they are “assembled cars with most everything but the drive battery power supply yet to be installed.” And it looks as if, via this eBay listing as of the time this story was published, you can pick one of these gliders up for $7,500.

image via Club Auto Sales/Ready Remarketing/eBay
image via Club Auto Sales/Ready Remarketing/eBay

Now there are a couple of things to note before you rush over to buy one of these gliders – the most important of which is the car needs the battery pack to run and drive. They are being marketed right now thus as “for parts only” and are geared towards those who “have the special ability to complete the car with a new battery pack, Auto Shop Class use, parts for EV projects or spare parts for their other Coda EV.”

Those wanting to buy one of the few Codas still intact with electric drivetrain components can inquire about them from the Coda Cars website by contacting the selling party there. No specific price is mentioned as to how much they go for, only that you can get a “substantial discount.” You can also get spare parts from a huge inventory of Coda odds and ends purchased at the same time the extra vehicles were acquired.

What also rose from the dead via the Coda implosion, meanwhile, is now known as Coda Energy. It is involved in a battery energy storage system that can work with renewable energy to store this clean power for those times when it isn’t available. An example of this is currently under trials in the form of a a solar powered, on-board energy storage electric car charging station known as the Eco-Station.