Electric Vehicles

Tesla Motors Powers Up Quickly In Europe

Tesla Motors looks to be expanding its footprint in Europe much like larger rival Ford. The electric car company, via a pair of recent announcements, is building up its related infrastructure to support Model S owners as the orders hopefully… Read More
2013 Ford Fusion Energi Charging

Fast Electric Car Charger Growth To Explode

The fact we seem to be writing about electric car chargers every day lately plays well into new data from research firm IHS suggesting the number of stations established for recharging your EV is on the rise. This is with… Read More

European Electric Micro Car Can Drive On Solar Alone

The evolution of the electric vehicle industry in Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom where we’ve seen strong examples of its progress, is something producing some very interesting innovation. One of the most recent of these examples is a project… Read More

BMW i3 Takes Center Stage As Newest Electric Car

BMW formally unveiled its first mass production electric car, the i3, today to a global audience. It is the first product of the German automaker’s i sub-brand of green cars, and will price for around $41,350 before tax rebates and… Read More

Japan, Automakers Go All In On Massive EV Charging Plan

Japan’s automotive industry is very competitive, but there’s always room for cooperation, right? Especially when it comes to green vehicle development? With this in mind, Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi Motors announced today they all plan to work together in… Read More