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As solar power enthusiasts, we all love the sun! We just don’t always love it shining into the house. Sometimes too much sunlight can make for uncomfortable temperatures and sore eyes. One of the best ways to protect your home from too much sun is to install quality motorized blinds. Motorized blinds offer all the same benefits as traditional blinds with the added bonus of being electronically controlled. This means no more messing around with cumbersome pull strings and wands. Best of all, your motorized blinds can be solar-powered!

Solar blinds use narrow solar panels on the inside of your window to charge the battery that powers your blinds. This means that you can have motorized blinds without having to run any new wiring. Some solar power kits even allow you to use your existing blinds, so you won’t have to replace the blinds, simply add the motor and you’re good to go. There aren’t too many companies that make solar-powered blinds yet, so finding them can seem a little challenging, but not to worry, we’ve done the work for you! Here is a list of some of the best solar blinds on the market today as well as a little information to help you choose the best ones for you.

Top 5 Best Solar Blinds of 2021

Reviews of the Best Solar Blinds

Tilt’s MySmartBlinds

Tilt’s MySmartBlinds

Quick Look: Quick setup kit comes with motor, charger, and solar panel. Transforms existing blinds into smart solar blinds. Comes with limited warranty for mechanical failure. Check Price Online

If you love the blinds you already have but want to upgrade to smart motorized blinds, then MySmartBlinds is the perfect solution. This is a small kit that comes with a motor, charger, and solar panel so you can transform your traditional blinds into the blinds of the future.

Once you have installed MySmartBlinds, you can control your blinds completely from your phone, no manual input is required. You can adjust the blinds singularly or you can set them up in groups to automatically open and close on a schedule.

Speaking of automation, this kit also comes with a temperature sensor, so you can set your blinds to automatically open or close according to the temperature. This is especially helpful if you’re using your blinds to help regulate the temperature in your home. If you purchase the tilt Bridge, you can even connect your blinds to your smart home hub and so you can make adjustments with voice commands.

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RollerShade Solar Blind Charger

RollerShade Solar Blind Charger

Quick Look: 12V solar battery charger for blinds. Comes with 94.5 inch connecter cable with female 5.5/2.1mm connector. Check Price Online

For those of us who already have motorized blinds, but want to switch to solar power, here is a perfect solution from RollerShade. This 12V solar panel is perfect for keeping your blinds battery well charged throughout the day.

The slim simple design makes it perfect for any window design. It can easily be attached to the inner windowsill with brackets or you can use double-sided tape to attach it directly to the window for the best sun exposure.

This charger comes with a 94.5” connector cable, giving you lots of flexibility in the way that you mount it. The simple female end connector makes this charger super easy to integrate into your existing motorized blinds set-up.

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Zemismart Rechargeable Blinds Motor

Zemismart Rechargeable Blinds Motor

Quick Look: Rechargeable blinds motor with solar panel for charging. Lithium-ion battery that can last up to 600 uses on a single charge. Nearly wireless design. Scratch-resistant aluminum frame. Check Price Online

This rechargeable motor from ZemiSmart is perfect for roller blinds, shades, and even motorized bug screens. It is easily controlled via an RF remote control or wall unit so you can adjust your blinds with the touch of a button.

The nearly wireless design makes this model a great choice for those who have children and are concerned about excess wiring. The unit has only one wire, leading from the battery to the solar charger. Since the blinds are controlled using an RF remote control, it does not require any wiring to be down where little hands can reach it.

The solar panel is built to withstand the weather so you can mount it indoors or out. It comes with screw-in mounting brackets as well as adhesive tape, so you can mount the panel wherever there is the most sun exposure.

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Somfy Solar Packs

Somfy Solar Packs

Quick Look: Nearly wireless blinds motor with rechargeable battery. Long-lasting NiMH battery. Compatible with most Somfy WireFree window coverings. Discrete and easy to install. Check Price Online

Here is another great option for those who have motorized blinds, but want to upgrade to solar power. With this rechargeable solar-powered motor from Somfy, you can adjust your blinds as many times as you want and never worry about wasting electricity.

This motor is designed to be easy to install and operate. You won’t need an electrician for this home improvement project! Simply install the motor, mount the solar panel, and the sun will do the rest!

The included solar panel is slender and low-profile, making it easy to simply install it and forget about it. It will not greatly disrupt your view or the look of your window. This solar kit is designed to be used with nearly all of Somfy’s WireFree window coverings.

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Quick Look: Transforms existing chain pull blinds into solar-powered smart blinds. Easy to install. Comes with motor and solar panel. Check Price Online

You do not have to give up your favorite pull chain blinds to go solar! Instead, install this handy motor from AXIS. The AXIS Gear is designed to attach to your existing blinds, via the pull chain, to allow you to adjust your blinds using the AXIS app.

This easy to install motor takes only a few minutes to set up and does not involve taking down or moving your blinds. The solar panel is also unobtrusive and easy to install. The battery backup for the motor is in the solar panel, so you’ll only have two pieces of equipment to install.

You can use the AXIS app to adjust your blinds whenever you want. You can also use the app to set daily and weekly schedules so that you never have to mess with your blinds again. If you don’t feel like pulling out your phone, you can always adjust the blinds using the easy touch controls on the Gear control panel as well.

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How We Chose The Best Solar Blinds

As we mentioned in the beginning, there aren’t a lot of solar-powered blinds motors out there yet, but there are a few to choose from and this is how we picked the ones that we wanted to feature in this article.


Although blinds seem to be a pretty simple feature of your home decor, there are thousands of different kinds. From roller blinds and shades to slats and screens, there are lots of models and styles to choose from. That is why we tried to find solar-powered motors that would work with a variety of blinds so that no matter what type you have in your home, there would be a solar-powered option here for you.


Many people put a lot of time and effort into choosing window coverings that will complement their decor and going solar should not take away from that. You shouldn’t have to settle for bulky unattractive fixtures in your home, so we looked for solar motors and chargers that were unobtrusive. We chose styles that would be easy to conceal or those that could easily blend in with any window treatment.

Ease of Use

One of the best benefits of choosing solar power for your motorized blinds is how easy it is to install a solar-powered motor. Most of the kits do not require any tools and take only moments to attach to your existing blinds.

When it came to the solar motors that were also smart blinds motors, we looked for units that were easy to install and control. The models we chose have easy to navigate apps that allow you to control your blinds effortlessly. These smart blind motors also come with programmable options for automating your blinds so that you don’t have to adjust them at all. You can’t get much easier than that!

What You Need To Know About Solar Blinds

Solar blinds are pretty straightforward, but before you make your purchase, there are a few details that you should be aware of.

Blinds Not Included

You may have noticed that the items on our list are not technically blinds, but are instead chargers or motors for blinds. The chargers are meant to go with motorized blinds that already have a motor, but need a solar panel for energy. The kits that come with a motor and a solar panel are designed to help you turn your traditional blinds into motorized blinds.

Why are the motors and blinds sold separately? Because it is more cost-effective for manufacturers. Not everyone wants to use solar power, so it is easier to manufacture all their blinds to run on AC and simply sell the solar chargers separately for those who do enjoy using free renewable power. Selling the solar chargers separately does benefit some consumers though. Many of these motors allow you to make use of the blinds you already have, saving you money and time trying to find new blinds that will match your decor.

Just beware that if you are starting from scratch or want to buy all new blinds, you will most likely have to buy the blinds and the solar chargers separately. Many of the companies that sell motorized blinds do offer a solar-powered charger that is compatible with their blinds, so be sure to ask the manufacturer what they have available in terms of compatible solar panels.

Brand Specific

Speaking of asking the manufacturer, be aware that some manufacturers only make solar-powered motors specifically for their brand. This means that some of these motors are not universal, so make sure the motor or charger is compatible with your blinds before making your purchase.

Smart Blinds

This one might be a bit obvious, but we want to cover all the bases, so here it is: Not all motorized blinds are smart blinds. Smart blinds are exactly what they sound like, blinds that you can control via Bluetooth through your phone or home smart hub. These are a great choice for those tech-savvy homeowners who want to control everything in their home with their phone. For homeowners who aren’t really worried about apps and connectivity but still want motorized blinds, a regular solar-powered motor will work just fine.

How to Choose The Best Solar Blinds For You

Now that you know all about your options when it comes to these eco-friendly window coverings, choosing the best solar blinds for you will be a synch.

Start At The Beginning

The best place to start is to determine what you already have and what you need. If you already have blinds that you like then you simply have to choose a solar-powered charger or motor that is compatible with them. For traditional blinds, you will want to choose a solar-powered kit that comes with a motor and solar panel. If your blinds are already motorized, you may want to contact the manufacturer and see if they sell a solar charger for your existing blinds. The same principle applies if you’re purchasing brand new blinds, make sure to ask about solar power options before making your purchase.

Smart Or Not?

Your next decision is whether you want your blinds to be smart or not. There are lots of benefits to having smart blinds. Being able to control them without having to get up, precise adjustments without any hassle, and automated scheduling are just a few of those benefits. If you have a lot of windows and would like to be able to open and close all the blinds without having to go from window to window, then smart blinds may be the best choice for you.
Regular motorized blinds are nice for those who don’t adjust their blinds very often or those who don’t want to mess around with too much technology. These blinds allow you to make adjustments with a remote or a switch near the blind. They are still very easy to use and will add to the comfort of your home.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Solar Blinds

Solar blinds are simple to install and maintain, but here are a few quick tips that will help you get the most out of your blinds.

1. Proper Installation

The number one way to ensure that you get the most out of your blinds is to make sure that they are installed correctly in the first place. Make sure that you follow the installation instructions carefully, both for the motor and the solar panel. Solar panel placement is especially important. Although it isn’t always possible, facing your solar panel to the south is the most effective placement. Many solar blinds use small solar panels that are mounted on the inside of the window, but if your windows do not get enough direct sunlight, you may want to consider outdoor panels that can be mounted on the roof for better sun exposure.

2. Keep Them Clean

As with all solar products, keeping your solar panel clean will help to ensure premium performance. Make sure you clean the panel with mild soap and a microfiber cloth. This same technique can be used to clean the blinds as well. Just keep in mind that water can damage the motor, so never fully submerge the blinds in water.

3. Know What You Need

Last, but not least, make sure that you choose the blinds that match your style. As we already discussed, there are several options and it is important to choose the style that best fits your needs. There is no sense in choosing a more expensive Bluetooth version if smart gadgets aren’t your thing. On the other hand, if you love smart gadgets and want to automate your blinds, then smart is the way to go. You will be sure to get the most out of your blinds if you know exactly what you need before making your purchase.

Bottom Line

Everyone loves to get out in the sunshine every now and then, but it isn’t much fun trying to relax and stay cool at home when you have the sun shining right through your front windows. Why not put all that sun power to use and get some solar-powered blinds? The blinds will help to keep your home cool and comfortable while the sun powers the motor so you don’t have to fret about extra energy costs. It’s a win-win!

Top 5 Best Solar Blinds of 2021