Electric Vehicles

Nathan Fillion, Others See New Arcimoto EV

Oregon-based electric vehicle manufacturer Arcimoto unveiled its SRK prototype called the Red 5 in Eugene this past weekend. We’ve been covering news of the company since a version of the Pulse first made a visit to Portland back in 2009.… Read More
Ford Focus Electric

CES 2011: Ford Focus Electric Car

Ford, using the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as a stage – instead of the upcoming big auto show in Detroit – has formally introduced the Ford Electric, its first all-electric passenger car. The company said the car, to… Read More

Brammo Revs Up Electric Motorcycles

One of the more notable electric motorcycle companies to be producing consumer focused models these days is Brammo. The electric motorcycle manufacturer, based in Ashland, Oregon, has been around for a number of years and focuses its development efforts on… Read More

Who Are The EV Charging Station Players?

Asked what distinguishes his company’s electric-vehicle (EV) charger, ECOtality CEO Jonathan Read said, “The most important thing is, we are the smarter charger.” Asked the same question, Read’s counterpart at Coulomb Technologies, Richard Lowenthal, said, “We invented smart charging.” As… Read More

GM Takes Volt Media Critics To Task

Around the same time yesterday we were going hands on with the Volt, wondering already if it was a plug-in hybrid versus a true electric car because of how the gas motor seems to interact with the electric side of… Read More
Chevy Volt

Going Hands On With GM’s Chevy Volt

It was a cold Monday morning in the Portland, Oregon suburb of Hillsboro when four mostly silent Chevy Volt cars rolled onto one of the campuses of Intel to greet local media, Intel employees and electric vehicles lovers alike. The… Read More
Al Unser Zap

Al Unser Jr. Interview: His Take On EVs

Al Unser Jr. is the type of top flight race car driver you’d expect doesn’t associate his name with just any fly by night idea. He takes his cars very seriously, knowing a finely tuned automobile makes all the difference… Read More