Renewable Energy

Renewable energy mandates raise electricity prices

Renewable Energy Mandates Raise Electricity Prices

Economists at the University of Chicago recently published findings that show state-level renewable energy mandates raise utility prices by an extremely-high 17%. The findings are much higher than an oft-cited 2015 study from the Lawrence […]

100% Clean Energy, Idaho Power Joins the Club

Idaho Power is Replacing Coal with 100% Clean Energy

100% clean energy pledges are becoming more common these days. Cities, states, and private companies are looking to decrease their emissions by investing in renewable and clean energy. Utilities are also getting in on the […]

Energy Storage Tax Credit Could Jumpstart Battery Industry

Energy Storage Tax Credit Could Jumpstart Battery Industry

Energy storage is still hampered by high costs, but some in the federal government are looking to partially solve that problem. Last week, lawmakers in the democratic-controlled House of Representatives introduced a bill to extend […]

Renewable energy is now a third of all energy worldwide

Renewable Energy is Now a Third of All Energy Worldwide

Renewable energy capacity worldwide is at an all-time high of 2,351 GW, just over a third of the world’s total electricity capacity. According to a new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency, total renewable […]

energy storage supercapacitor hemp waste

Energy Storage is Being Made Cheaper with Hemp Waste

Researchers are using waste fiber from the hemp plant to create lower-cost energy storage. Alternet Systems, a company dedicated to energy storage and EV tech, has purchased land in New York to grow and process […]

The 8 Best Kinetic Chargers

What is Kinetic Energy? Wouldn’t it be nice to charge the products you can’t live without in a way that would leave you unchained from the wall socket? A kinetic energy charger may be just […]