Renewable Energy

Would You Lease a Hydrogen Car?

Riversimple has a production prototype for a mass-marketable hydrogen-powered car, and an unconventional plan for how people will use it. The company is hoping to have the vehicles come to market by 2018, but real-world […]

United Airlines Biofuel Plane

Major American Air Carrier Tests Biofuel Alternative

United Airlines has taken the first step towards building a biofuel-powered fleet. New biofuel blends are being tested on short-run flights in hopes that they’ll prove to be a valuable tool to cutting airline carbon […]

bee pollen

Pollen Batteries: Nothing To Sneeze At

A group out of Purdue University is working towards making battery anodes out of renewable, easy-to-source pollen. Talk about green energy! Energy storage is a hot topic. As great as renewable energies are, unless there’s […]


How a Hotter Climate Destroys Thermal Electricity Generation

Both hydropower and conventional thermal combustion electricity is depleted in a hotter new climate. A new paper published at Nature Climate Change, Power-generation system vulnerability and adaptation to changes in climate and water resources provides a comprehensive look […]

nuclear energy

Nuclear-Powered Shipping Could Protect Earth’s Climate

James Hansen and many other leading climate scientists see nuclear power as essential to a climate-safe future. Substituting nuclear power for coal was also one of the 7 wedges originally proposed in 2004 by Princeton climate scientists Pacala and […]


Could Oyster Shells Sequester Carbon?

We’ve all heard about how as more CO2 is released into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels; more is being absorbed by oceans, and that is making the ocean too acidic so that shellfish can’t […]

wind power

Record-Breaking Milestone For American Wind Power

Wind power has hit an important milestone in America, with 980 working wind installations generating 70 gigawatts of renewable electricity. Solar power gets a lot of attention because it’s so much more visible to many […]

renewable microgrids

Renewable Microgrids: A Solution For Remote Communities

Remote communities face unique challenges where electricity is concerned. Renewable microgrids help them overcome those challenges and provide reliable power for individuals living there. To live in a remote place is to depend on oil. Fuel for […]


California Wind Farms Swap Out Turbines To Save Birds

Wind power companies operating in the Altamont region of California are reducing the environmental impact of their older turbines, which are a threat to several protected bird species. The Altamont pass, in the mountains east of San […]

8 of 10 Top GHG Emitters Pledge to Double Renewables

  The 8 top GHG emitters, including China, India and the US, will double renewable generation from 9,000 Terawatt hours to 20,000 Terawatt hours Plans submitted ahead of the Paris COP 21 climate talks indicate that […]

Antarctic Research Station

Could We Sequester CO2 In Antarctic Ice?

It might be possible to take billions of tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere by freezing Antarctic air. Until the last few years, no one has ever proposed storing CO2 under ice. “There really […]