Renewable Energy


Companies Pledge to Use 100% Renewable Energy

Nike, Procter & Gamble, and Goldman Sachs are among the latest large multinational companies to pledge to move their businesses to renewable energy. Representatives from these organizations spoke on a discussion panel on the last day of Climate Week NYC… Read More

Aspen Now Running on 100% Renewable Energy

It’s not just about cozy ski lodges anymore. Aspen is earning nationwide attention for its green energy achievements. Aspen has long enjoyed a reputation as a lovely place to escape to for a ski weekend, but the picturesque Colorado city… Read More

California Goes for 50% Renewables by 2030

In a historic vote, California legislators have ensured that the eighth largest economy in the world is running on 50% renewable energy within just 15 years. California’s Democratic-majority legislature just acted decisively to further reduce the use of fossil energy… Read More

Novel Energy Storage Leverages Free Gravity

Gravity already supplies us with one cheap and clean form of electricity storage. We can contain and then release a weight — in this case water, with pumped hydro. When there is excess energy on the grid that no one… Read More

Hydro-Powered Irrigation: Colorado Makes Water Work

Drought has become a consistent feature of the western United States. A changing climate is leaving the area drier year-round, with natural and man-made reservoirs slowly becoming depleted. Driven by necessity, innovators in Colorado are coming up with ingenious ways… Read More
iowa wind power

Wind Brings Carbon-Free Economic Boom To NW Iowa

The shale oil boom has made North Dakota’s economy the hottest in the country. But just a couple of states away, there’s another energy boom unfolding. It’s not quite on the same scale, but then again, it’s not resulting in… Read More

OPT’s Big Oregon Wave Energy Plan Collapses

Less than two years ago, Ocean Power Technologies appeared on the brink of launching the first U.S. wave-energy power project, in Oregon. Now the whole thing seems to be falling apart. While still leaving open the chance it will install… Read More