Renewable Energy

Switching to Renewable Energy Saves $72 Trillion

We always hear of the “costs” of switching to clean energy – but little of the cost of not switching Doing nothing on climate will cost the world $72 trillion by 2060 in disaster recovery as climate change ramps […]


Companies Pledge to Use 100% Renewable Energy

Nike, Procter & Gamble, and Goldman Sachs are among the latest large multinational companies to pledge to move their businesses to renewable energy. Representatives from these organizations spoke on a discussion panel on the last […]

Aspen Now Running on 100% Renewable Energy

It’s not just about cozy ski lodges anymore. Aspen is earning nationwide attention for its green energy achievements. Aspen has long enjoyed a reputation as a lovely place to escape to for a ski weekend, […]

California Goes for 50% Renewables by 2030

In a historic vote, California legislators have ensured that the eighth largest economy in the world is running on 50% renewable energy within just 15 years. California’s Democratic-majority legislature just acted decisively to further reduce […]

Poll: Republicans OK with Carbon Tax to Fund Renewables

A new poll from the University of Michigan finds that voters are more likely to support a carbon tax if it’s proceeds are invested in clean energy. What Republicans like is of great interest to policymakers trying to […]


Novel Energy Storage Leverages Free Gravity

Gravity already supplies us with one cheap and clean form of electricity storage. We can contain and then release a weight — in this case water, with pumped hydro. When there is excess energy on the grid […]

Australia’s Prime Minister Cuts Funding for Wind Power

Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, doesn’t like wind turbines. He has made dramatic cuts in government subsidies for wind farms, in a move that’s sure to hold back Australia’s renewable energy sector. Tony Abbott has […]

Hydro-Powered Irrigation: Colorado Makes Water Work

Drought has become a consistent feature of the western United States. A changing climate is leaving the area drier year-round, with natural and man-made reservoirs slowly becoming depleted. Driven by necessity, innovators in Colorado are […]

Could Controlled-Fusion Usher in a New Era of Clean Energy?

Today six governments are involved in the planning and construction of what could be called “the largest international scientific undertaking in history”. Their purpose: to usher in a new era of clean, abundant energy. University […]