Renewable Energy

WWF 2050 renewables scenario

An Almost Clean Energy World By 2050?

Saying it had deliberately “avoided making extravagant assumptions about the benefits of technologies yet to come,” the conservation organization WWF released a report describing a scenario under which the globe’s energy needs would be met almost entirely by renewable sources… Read More
SmartBox Wind Turbine

Home Wind Power Simple As Plug And Play?

[Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story read this turbine design is capable of 400 kWh per month, when in fact it is 40 kilowatt hours per month. EarthTechling regrets the error.] Plug and play wind power? That’s the… Read More
Wave Energy

Wave Power 101: A Clean Energy Primer

When it comes to renewable energy, wind and solar tend to make the headlines–but another form of green power is quietly gaining momentum on coastlines around the world: wave power. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, wave power encompasses… Read More
Signa Chemistry

SiGNa Definitely Not A Mad Green Chemist

Behind every successful green technology product is a host of innovators bringing together the pieces to make an electric car or solar water heater in the home more efficient. Many of these innovators, if not working for the company building… Read More
Nuclear Plant

Is Nuclear Power A Clean Energy Source?

The U.S. saw a boom in nuclear energy plants in the 195’s, when nuclear energy was widely regarded as the wave of the future. In 1979, however, the core reactor meltdown at the Three Mile Island nuclear facility near Harrisburg,… Read More
Small Hydroplant

Design Would Make Hydro Power Fish Safe

One problem often cited as a major stumbling block to hydroelectric energy generated from dams is that they cause a huge environmental impact on the ecosystem of the river which has been dammed. Now a group of German researchers believe… Read More

Harvesting Electricity From The Air?

Here at Earthtechling, we cover all kinds of technologies that harvest power from the sun, the wind, the waves, human activity, and even minute vibrations. But this is the first technology we’ve seen that claims to harvest electricity directly from… Read More