Renewable Energy

The Solyndra Panic

Environmental Defense Fund offers up thoughts on the current Solydnra bankruptcy issue, noting perspective is needed not to throw out the solar baby with the bathwater.

Energy Mandates Touch Off A Rush For Open Farmland

Many California farmers and ranchers have invested in solar power to serve or supplement their electricity needs. Meanwhile, government renewable-energy mandates have put new pressure on productive farmland that developers want to convert for utility-scale energy projects.

Green Tech In Texas Gains Good Ground

The Environmental Defense Fund, in its latest column, takes a look at how cleantech is making inroads into Texas, a state normally known for oil, oil, oil.

Cleantech Loan Guarantees: A Tangled Tale

A key aspect of the federal government’s loan guarantee program for renewable energy development is winding down after a tumultuous two-plus years. We review it.

Wind Power Education Speaks To Kids

KidWind Project is a small company in St. Paul, Minnesota taking an open source approach to educating children everywhere about wind power. We interview them.