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What would our lives be like without WiFi? So many of the devices that we use every day depend on WiFi to function. Although we could use wired internet connections for these devices, connecting wirelessly is just so much easier. The trouble is, most routers are not powerful enough to provide a strong signal throughout your entire home, leaving you with annoying dead zones.

If you have ever experienced WiFi dead zones in your home, then you have come to the right place. We have done a bit of research and compiled a list of some of the best WiFi extenders on the market. Go ahead and look through our picks, then keep reading for some helpful tips on how you can choose the best WiFi extender for your home.

Top 5 Best Wifi Extenders of 2021

Reviews of the Best WiFi Extenders

TP-Link AC750

TP-Link AC750

Quick Look: AC dual band WiFi extender. Covers up to 1200 sq. ft. and 20 devices up to 750Mbps. Includes a concealed ethernet port. Easy setup. Comes with a 2-year warranty. Check Price at Amazon

If you want stronger WiFi coverage in your home but don’t want to add another bulky piece of technology to your living room, then this compact wifi extender from TP-Link may be the perfect solution. This unit is barely bigger than a plug-in air freshener and comes with a sleek white design that can easily blend in with any decor.

This unit comes with three internal antennas, capable of extending your WiFi coverage over 1,200 additional square feet at speeds of up to 750Mbps. This is a dual band extender as well, so it works with both 2.5GHz and 5GHz. You can connect the extender to your router wirelessly or via the ethernet port. You can also use the ethernet port to hardwire in your devices.

This extender is ultra user-friendly. It takes less than a minute to install and can be easily controlled using the TP-Link app. You can set the extender’s parameters, change the SSID, turn the signal on and off, and even set up an automatic shut off time. On the unit itself, there are four easy to see display lights, so you can see the signal status at a glance.

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TP-Link N300

TP-Link N300

Quick Look: Single band Wifi extender. Covers up to 800 sq. ft. at speeds of up to 300Mbps. Includes ethernet port. Easy setup. Comes with a 2-year warranty. Check Price at Amazon

Setting up a full home network doesn’t have to break your budget. With this handy WiFi extender from TP-Link, you can have a strong WiFi signal throughout your entire house without emptying your wallet.

This single band extender will increase your 2.5GHz WiFi signal up to 800 additional square feet. It has two powerful external antennas with MIMO technology, providing you with smooth consistent coverage. This means that your WiFi won’t fade in and out, even when multiple devices are connecting at the same time.

This unit has a simple two-step setup that only takes a moment. It is compatible with most standard routers, gateways, and access points. You can use the TP-Link app to adjust the extender’s settings such as the range and security parameters and set up an automatic shutoff time for those hours when you’re not using the wifi.

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USMSRM WiFi Extender

USMSRM WiFi Extender

Quick Look: High-speed WiFi extender compatible with 802. 11ac, n, a, b, and g routers. Functions as a router, access point, or WiFi extender. Offers easy setup and use. Check Price at Amazon

Why spend extra money on multiple products when you can purchase a single multifunctional item that does everything you need? With this high-speed WiFi extender from USMSRM, you can set up your home network the way you want it to function, no matter what type of coverage you currently have.

This easy to install unit can function as a router, access point, or signal extender. It offers dual band coverage with 300Mbps of 2.5GHz WiFi and 900Mbps of 5GHz WiFi for a total of 1200Mbps.

Connecting this extender to your network is a breeze with the built-in WPS button. It is compatible with all standard routers including 802.11ac, n, a, b, and g routers. Once you’ve done the initial setup, the unit will retain your settings so that it can be moved from room to room without having to go through the setup process over and over.

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TP-Link AC2600

TP-Link AC2600

Quick Look: AC dual band WiFi extender. Offers speeds of up to 2600Mbps. Quad antenna design for wide range coverage. Easy to install. Comes with a 2-year warranty. Check Price at Amazon

If you live in a house with more than one person, you are bound to experience times when everyone in the house is using the internet at the same time. In fact, this probably happens multiple times a day. If this sounds familiar to you, then you should check out this high-speed WiFi extender from TP-Link. This extender will help to provide consistent high-speed coverage throughout your entire home so that everyone can use all their devices without ever experiencing any lag.

When we say you’ll have a strong signal throughout your entire house, we mean it. This unit can cover approximately 14,000 square feet and multiple levels without leaving any dead spots. It will extend your 5GHz WiFi at speeds of up to 1733Mbps and your 2.5GHz WiFi at speeds of up to 800Mpbs. That makes this a great choice for those who like to take full advantage of their high-speed internet service.

As you would expect from a TP-Link extender, this unit is easy to install and only takes a few minutes to set up. It can be connected wirelessly or via the built-in ethernet port. It comes with four external antennas that allow you to seamlessly connect multiple devices without any lag.

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Netgear EX7000 WiFi Extender

Netgear EX7000 WiFi Extender

Quick Look: AC dual band WiFi signal extender. Covers up to 2,100 sq. ft. and can support up to 35 devices at 1900Mbps. Easy to install. Comes with Limited Hardware Warranty. Check Price at Amazon

If you’re looking for a WiFi extender powerful enough to support your high tech smart home, then this is the one for you. Netgear designed this extender to boost your WiFi signal over 2,100 square feet and provide speeds of up to 1900Mbps for 35 devices. That’s heavy-duty to meet all your WiFi needs and then some.

This extender is not only a good choice for those with large networks, but it is also a good choice for the security conscious as well. It supports both WEP and WPA/WPA2 security protocols and offers wired connectivity for up to five devices.

This unit is simple to set up and even easier to use. The built-in WPS button allows you to connect the extender to your network in one easy step. It is compatible with all wireless routers, gateways, and cable modems. It also comes with Mesh Smart Roaming which allows you to seamlessly go from your router’s network to the extender’s network without any interruptions.

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How We Chose The Best Wifi Extenders

In our quest to find the best WiFi extender, we focused on a few simple features including quality security settings, high speeds, appealing designs, and ease of use.

Security And Speed

When it comes to setting up a home WiFi network, there are two main factors that most people focus on: security and speed.

We all know how important it is to keep our information safe and nowhere is digital security more important than in our own home WiFi networks. With that in mind, we looked for extenders that offer quality security settings such as password protection, separate SSIDs, and the ability to control which devices have access to the network.

We also know that speed and range are important to most users, so we looked for a variety of units to fit every situation. Whether you use your home network for simple browsing or hardcore gaming, there is an extender on our list for you.


We know that design isn’t everything, but we see no reason why you should have to sacrifice aesthetics to achieve quality WiFi signal throughout your home. That is why we looked for compact units that wouldn’t detract from your home decor.

Ease of Use

Most WiFi extenders are easy to set up and use, but not all extenders are created equal. Some units come with overly-complicated setup processes and even more complicated control settings. We were sure to avoid these units. All of the extenders on our list are ultra user-friendly. They take only a few minutes to set up and adjust, meaning that even if you have never set up a WiFi network you shouldn’t have a problem using any of these units.

What You Need To Know About WiFi Extenders

If you’re reading this article, there is a chance that you already have a general knowledge of WiFi extenders. But just in case you’re a WiFi newbie, here is a little general information that you may find useful.

What Is A WiFi Extender?

So what exactly is a WiFi extender? To put it simply, they are exactly what their name implies, they are devices designed to extend the signal of your WiFi. Because WiFi extenders are sometimes called WiFi boosters, there is a common misconception that they can increase your WiFi speed or functionality, but that isn’t true. All an extender does is reproduce your router’s signal to broaden the signal’s range for better coverage throughout the house. This means that if your WiFi is already slow, an extender will not help you.

Do You Really Need An Extender?

Now that you know what an extender can and cannot do, you can ask yourself an important question: do you actually need one? Those who own multi-level or ranch-style homes often require extenders because most routers are not powerful enough to cover such large spaces, leaving homeowners with ‘dead zones’. If your home network works just fine in certain areas of your home but lacks strength in other areas, an extender is just what you need.

On the other hand, if you have trouble getting your WiFi to work no matter how close you are to your router, an extender is probably not what you need. Slow internet speeds can be caused by several factors such as bandwidth usage and service provider issues, but the most common culprit is the router.

We all know how quickly technology changes, but we often neglect to update our routers. You should replace your router every three or four years to make sure that it is capable of keeping up with all your new devices. If you have a newer router and it doesn’t seem to be working correctly, try restarting it or switching it to a new channel. If you’ve tried these things and you’re still having trouble, you should contact your service provider.

How to Choose The Best Wifi Extender For You

If you have determined that an extender is right for you, then here are the two main factors to consider before making your purchase.

Look At Your Router

The very first thing you should do before looking for an extender is to look at your router and find out what its specifications are. Although many WiFi extenders are designed to be compatible with most standard routers, some extenders will work better than others depending on the type of router you have. You should try to match your extender to your router for maximum signal output. For example, if your router is a dual band AC2600 you will want to choose a dual band AC2600 extender so that your extended network can provide the same amount of speed that your original network generates.

If you choose an extender that offers less speed, you will not be able to take full advantage of your internet service. If you choose an extender that offers higher speeds, you will not be able to use the extender to its fullest potential because it will not produce speeds any higher than what your router can produce. Therefore, it is best to choose an extender that matches your router as close as possible.

Security Features

Remember how we mentioned the importance of proper security in your home WiFi network? Well, one of the ways that you can improve the security of your WiFi network is to limit the range of your WiFi signal. It may be fun to use your iPad or laptop out in the backyard, but you don’t want your network stretching so far that everyone in the neighborhood can access it.

The best course of action is to choose an extender that allows you to control the parameters of the signal so that you can limit it to the range you need, preferably to within your home. Companies like TP-Link provide you with an app that allows you to adjust your extender’s signal from your smartphone, so you can change it as you need it. This app also allows you to control who can access the network at any given time. These are important security features to look for in a quality WiFi extender.

If you are particularly concerned about security, you may also want to look for an extender that allows you to hide its SSID, or network name. Hiding the SSID means that if an outsider did a general search for WiFi networks near your home, your network would not show up. This gives you even more control over who can access your WiFi network, making it that much more secure.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right WiFi extender can make all the difference between a stressful home network experience and a smooth happy home network experience. With the right extender, you can enjoy seamless WiFi connectivity throughout your entire home on multiple devices without a hiccup. All you have to do to choose the best WiFi extender for you is to look at your router. Your router should have its specifications printed right on it, making it easy for you to know what to look for.

Once you know what type of router you have, you can begin looking at extenders. Be sure to choose an extender that is compatible with your router and comes with the proper security features. These features can vary among different brands, so be sure to read the fine print. We hope you find this information helpful and that it has provided you with the knowledge you need to choose the best WiFi extender for your home.

Top 5 Best Wifi Extenders of 2021