Author: Susan DeFreitas

Urban Put-Put, Detroit

In Detroit, Mini Golf Meets The Zombiepocalypse

Down for a little putt-putt, Motor City style? Forget about taking a shot through the windmill, under the bridge or through that revolving door. Forget about the plastic animals, the astroturf, or even paying a fee. Mini golf at the… Read More
UrbanAir billboard

A Smog-Fighting Billboard For Los Angeles?

Vermont may have helped to protect the aesthetics of its natural landscapes through its state-wide billboard ban. But in Los Angeles — and possibly cities all over the world — billboards may actually become part of the natural landscape, and… Read More
Bullitt Center, Seattle

FSC Cites Award Winners As Examples Of Sustainability

Last week in San Francisco, diverse sectors of the building industry converged upon the city for Greenbuild 2012. Among them were the folks whose certifications continue to hold some serious sway over which projects gain LEED certification, the Forest Stewardship… Read More
Low line for Philly

Philly Considers Future Of Old Railroad: Park Or Ride?

In Philadelphia, railroad lines crisscrossing the city once ferried tons of coal from Pennsylvania’s coal fields to its industrial centers. As in so many cities around the world, much of that industrial infrastructure now lies defunct, giving rise to the… Read More