Author: Stefan Durham

Monster GreenPower AV775G PowerCenter Review

Over the past 30 years Monster Cable has given the world fat cables and beefy gold-plated connectors for its home audio and video components, but in recent times they’ve also been releasing some more eco-friendly power devices under the Monster… Read More

Thinksound MS01 Eco Headphones Review

Editor’s Note: Review updated on Feb. 22, 2012 to reflect technical changes to testing conditions. Earbud headphones are standard issue with most cellphones and MP3 players these days. Not so standard are earbud headphones that claim to be “studio monitor… Read More

A Gizmo That Helps You Save Energy And $$?

To be completely honest, we weren’t real excited when we first brought home the latest version of Blue Line Innovation’s power monitor. Wrapped in a generic box stamped with the dryly serious (but immaculately descriptive) name “PowerCost Monitor,” the object… Read More

A Solar Charger That Is Not Flimsy At All

Introduction: Until the sun at last bakes our planet like a little purple potato in about 7.6 billion years, it will go on giving life to the plants and animals of earth. But until recently we doubted whether sunlight could… Read More

Logitech Mac Wireless Solar Keyboard Review

Keyboards are kind of like underpants–we use them every day, but only really notice them if they’re uncomfortable (or dirty). Enter the K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac, a new offering from Logitech which feels like spun silk on the… Read More