Author: Pete Danko

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Zuckerberg One-Ups Bezos In Tech Drone Wars

Compared to the$19 billion WhatsApp acquisition, this is small potatoes – but far more interesting! Facebook is reportedly spending $60 million to buy a developer of solar-powered drones, which it plans to use to get the Internet and Facebook to… Read More
iowa wind power

Wind Brings Carbon-Free Economic Boom To NW Iowa

The shale oil boom has made North Dakota’s economy the hottest in the country. But just a couple of states away, there’s another energy boom unfolding. It’s not quite on the same scale, but then again, it’s not resulting in… Read More

OPT’s Big Oregon Wave Energy Plan Collapses

Less than two years ago, Ocean Power Technologies appeared on the brink of launching the first U.S. wave-energy power project, in Oregon. Now the whole thing seems to be falling apart. While still leaving open the chance it will install… Read More
usgs wind farm map

Wind Power’s Big Empty Space Down South

It’s a common reaction among those taking their first look at the U.S.Geological Survey’s new interactive map that depicts the location of every utility-scale wind turbine in the country: Whaddup down South? The Southeastern U.S. is devoid of wind power… Read More
Apple Maiden data center solar

Apple CEO Tells Climate Deniers To Take A Hike

A conservative think tank’s pestering about how much Apple’s sustainability efforts cost shareholders just about drove the typically reserved Tim Cook around the bend last Friday. The drama unfolded at an Apple shareholder meeting. A representative of a group that… Read More
electric vehicles bhutan

Electric Vehicle Fervor In Bhutan

Suddenly, weirdly and wonderfully, Bhutan, where the per capita income of $2,420 is about a tenth the cost of a Nissan Leaf – and the math gets way worse for a Tesla Model S – is an electric-vehicle hot spot.… Read More