Author: Jasmine Greene

Red Fire Farm

Solar Makes Green Acres In Massachusetts

We write a lot about “wind farms,” but those are really power plants, not farms. These are real farms, three farms that grow stuff that people consume – and they operate it in a very green fashion indeed. Massachusetts Energy… Read More

Solar-Powered Bus Shelter Introduced In Japan

Taxi stands and bus stops in Japan can now by lit by the sun, thanks to a partnership between Sekisui Jushi and Kyocera. The companies have introduced the Eco-Shell, which combines Sekisui Jushi’s conventional multipurpose shelter unit and Kyocera’s solar… Read More
DeviceStream Device

Tidal Power Coming To Wales, Thanks To E.U.

Scotland might be the leader, but other parts of the United Kingdom are jumping on the tidal-energy bandwagon. The latest entry from this sceptered isle: Wales, a country of just 3 million people, but with some 750 miles of coastline… Read More
wind farm asset values

Wind Plant Prices Declined 5% In 2010

Wind-power plants are typically seen as a path to cleaner energy, but like pretty much everything in the world, they’re also an investment vehicle. And in that latter sense, they’re reflecting the current trend in fixed assets: Price are dropping.… Read More
Solar Panels

Solar Program Offers Grants To Aussie Schools

A program intended to boost deployment of grid-connected solar power in Australian schools is shutting two years earlier than planned, but that doesn’t mean opportunities have quite vanished. Grants through the National Solar School Program (NSSP) will be available for… Read More
Bay of Fundy Projects

Tidal-Power Company Flows Into Nova Scotia

The Maine-based marine-energy company Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC) is formally going international, announcing formation of ORPC Nova Scotia. And it’s little wonder why: According to ORPC, each day more than 160 billion tons of water flow in and out… Read More
fuel cells at u.s. military bases

Fuel Cell Demo Project For 8 Military Bases

U.S. military bases have to keep functioning even if there’s a power failure, so typically they have backup systems that run on diesel. But as part of a push to go green – which the military says will make soldiers… Read More