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The Future Of Clean Energy Is Arriving

It would be hard for most Americans to look around and conclude that we are in the middle of an historic shift in our energy sector. Gas-powered cars still dominate the roads, most of us don’t own a solar PV… Read More

How Chinese Solar Continues To Get Less Expensive

From the end of 2010 until the first quarter of this year, leading Chinese solar companies were able to drop the cost of manufacturing multicrystalline solar modules by 54 percent. Their ability to finally break the dollar-per-watt barrier in 2011… Read More

Geothermal Power And Its Potential

An important transition is underway with the integration of renewables into the grid. But often overlooked and seldom appreciated is the tremendous potential of geothermal energy. Unfortunately for those in the industry, this fate is justified. Geothermal is not an… Read More
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SolarCity Focuses In On Intelligent Energy Efficiency

After SolarCity shifted its energy efficiency strategy and pulled back from doing residential retrofits in-house, the solar services behemoth is moving straight into intelligent efficiency. GTM’s Eric Wesoff recently reported on SolarCity’s evolving business plan and the resulting changes that… Read More
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Coda EV Battery Tech Becomes Grid Start Up

Nobody wanted Coda’s plug-in electric sedans. Will anyone want its grid batteries? Fortress Investment Group (FIG) seems to think so. The New York-based investment firm announced this week that it’s going ahead with a plan to turn the bankrupt EV… Read More