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germany solar power

Examining Thoughts On Germany’s Clean Energy Push

Germany’s renewable energy transition, the “Energiewende,” has long been a subject of scorn among conservatives, who have argued that it is a massive ratepayer-subsidized boondoggle that has harmed Germany’s economy and imposed significant regressive costs on poor and working class… Read More

Climate Change As A Security Dilemma

Initiatives to curb the anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change have, since 1997, centered upon the implementation of top-down market-based solutions known generically as cap and trade. Theoretically speaking, cap and trade is based on the premise that… Read More
china solar power deployment

The Changing Face Of The Chinese Solar Industry

If one city epitomizes China’s role as cheap manufacturer for the world, it’s Wuxi, a sprawling metropolis of more than 4.5 million people a short bullet-train ride northwest of Shanghai. Out beyond the old town, with its ancient temples and… Read More
energy efficiency

Why Energy Efficiency Cannot Deal With Global Warming

Over the last decade, energy efficiency has come to be seen as a fast, cheap, and even profitable way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Increasing the efficiency of buildings, vehicles, appliances, and industry plays “a key role” in climate mitigation… Read More
Africa Solar Energy

Clarifying 21st Century Energy And Climate Challenges

In the early 1920s, when my grandparents were just small children, only about 40% of Americans had access to electricity. Over the course of a generation that number reached close to 100%. Today, inexpensive, reliable and plentiful access to electricity… Read More