Author: Beth Buczynski

AEEE Energy-Efficiency Scorecard Map

The 10 Most Energy-Efficient Cities In The U.S.

For just a moment, however, let’s forget how far behind America has fallen when it comes to the adoption of renewable energy technologies. Instead, let’s focus on the fact that city governments have picked up the Fed’s dropped ball and… Read More
C2C innovation challenge 2013

Cradle To Cradle Innovation Challenge Announces 10 Finalists

In November 2012, the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute partnered with Brad Pitt’s green building organization, Make it Right, to launch the C2C Innovation Challenge–a competition to spur the creation of healthy, affordable, effective, building products that are designed… Read More
Earthquake Resistant Energy Box Passive House

Survive The Earthquakes In This Timber Passive House

The recent fracking boom has triggered earthquakes in places that have never before experienced a tremor. For the first time in recorded history, places like Ohio and Arkansas have experienced hundreds of earthquakes now linked to fracking wastewater injection wells.… Read More