Guest Contributors

Here’s you chance to be heard and reach a large audience at the same time.

EarthTechling offers guest contributors an opportunity to be heard. If you have a passion for technology, the environment, and you’re looking for a sounding board to get your thoughts, reviews, news, or other information out…we have a podium for you. However, there are some guidelines that you’ll need to be follow to insure your topic and approach fit our audience.

If you’re interested in having content considered, please follow these few simple guidelines:

  • Submit your original article for consideration to
  • Attached a Word document as well as any associated image (please make sure you have complete rights to the image)
  • Include a section you feel this article fits within: Building, Transportation, Energy
  • Include word tags that relate to the content your presenting
  • Include associated links for any supporting content
  • Include within your email language that states you’re providing EarthTechling the right to publish your original content and image

All content will be reviewed to insure:

  • It fits the type of content EarthTechling posts/presents
  • It includes not only a technology angle but an environmental angle (or vice versa)
  • It’s not offensive to any group or organization (no name calling or bashing)
  • It does not include any plagiarized or stolen content
  • It provides support for any statistics or presented position

EarthTechling reserves the right to post or not post any submitted content based on our review of the content against the guidelines above. All contributed posts are free of charge to the poster and EarthTechling does not in any way compensate the poster for their content. If your article is chosen to be posted, EarthTechling will make every effort to let you know when your article will initially appear on the site. However, we cannot guarantee that we will let you know before it runs. Sometimes workloads and content needs make it difficult to reach back out to everyone who sends an article. If you have not heard anything from our team within 14 business days, please assume that we have decided to pass on publishing your content.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing what you have to say!


The EarthTechling Team