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hydrogen energy storage hawaii

Hydrogen Eyed As Clean Grid Stabilizer In Hawaii

Hydrogen for renewable energy storage, obtained by electrolysis of water, hasn’t gotten much play in the United States, but a novel project unfolding in Hawaii could provide some real-world insight into the viability of the technology as a grid-management tool.… Read More

Breakthrough Grid Battery’s Surprising Ingredient

Bismuth – part of the active ingredient in the stomach-settler Pepto-Bismol – might just be the key to making cheap, rechargeable and green batteries that could be used on a big scale to store renewable energy. Researchers at the University… Read More
SMUD solar battery test

Solar On The Roof And A Big Battery Nearby

The thing about a home solar power system is that it doesn’t always produce maximum power exactly when the homeowner — or the utility trying to meet peak load demand — needs it. Like, say, around 6:30 p.m. on a… Read More
pumped heat electricity storage, isentropic

Low-Cost, Big-Time Energy Storage Gets A Go

Give the Isentropic PR department credit – they knew the magic words to say: “(I)t offers the prospect of being the lowest cost solution to the intermittency problems of renewable energy sources, such as wind.” This is what everyone wants,… Read More
A123 nanophosphate ext

US-Backed A123 Claims Battery Breakthrough

Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.), a fierce critic of government support for cleantech companies (except when they’re in his district), lists A123 Systems as an Obama administration failure, noting that the battery maker was awarded a $249 million Recovery Act grant… Read More
molten salt solar, solarreserve,crescent dunes

BrightSource Rival Powers Ahead On Molten Salt [INTERVIEW]

The U.S.-Israeli concentrating solar power (CSP) company BrightSource Energy last night announced it was pulling its public stock offering planned for today, saying “the continued market and economic volatility are not optimal conditions for an IPO” [PDF]. The turn of… Read More