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New York City Gets Its E-Waste Act Together

Recycling electronics and computers to keep them from becoming unwanted e-waste in local landfills can be challenging when you live in a city like New York where space is at a premium. NYC city officials are looking to do something… Read More

thinksound On1 Headphones Offer Eco Listening

It’s been awhile since we heard anything from the folks over at thinksound. Makers of quality consumer headphones they feel are more environmentally friendly than most others on the market, the company has announced a new on-ear design aiming for… Read More

Solar Power Coming To Airplane Windows?

No, the idea isn’t to power commercial air travel with photovoltaic solar – that’s being left that to super-lightweight, experimental efforts like Solar Impulse. Nevertheless, a French collaboration this week plans to unveil a new way of bringing solar power… Read More
Nokia Lightning Charger Collage

Shocking Idea: Lightning-Powered Smartphones?!

Lightning is what happens when there’s so much electricity built up in the clouds, it has no where to go but down. OK that’s a highly simplified explanation, but still pretty accurate. No matter how you explain it, lightning is… Read More
Voltaic Systems Switch Solar Bag V2

Voltaic Systems Debuts Redesigned Switch Solar Bag

In many cases, tablets have replaced laptops as the go-to portable computing device. If your needs are limited to web surfing, social media, and checking email, tablet deliver without all the extra size and weight. That’s why Voltaic Systems has… Read More