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Could our Future World be Made of CO2 from Air?

  Researchers at George Washington University in Washington, DC have devised a way to pull CO2 out of air and turn the carbon into carbon nanofibers, the wonder material that now makes racing bikes and other high tech sporting goods… Read More

LEDs Are Changing the Look of Indoor Farming

Indoor farming isn’t a new concept, but bringing LEDs into it is making the process more cost-effective. Traditional farmers are hostages to the weather. Drought, flood, or an early frost can destroy entire harvests and cost the agricultural sector millions… Read More
pomegranate battery

Pomegranate Points Way To Silicon-Based Li-Ion Battery

Science describes nature, but science also borrows from nature. We’ve heard about a solar leaf, a smart watch inspired by buzzing insects, a hybrid car inspired by water, self-cleaning glass inspired by a carnivorous plant, a scooter steering system inspired… Read More
energy efficiency power adapter

The Power Brick Is Becoming More Efficient

There it is, midway between the wall outlet and my laptop: the power brick. Two inches wide, five inches long and an inch tall, it’s the AC power adapter, putting my household power supply in a form my computer can… Read More

TurboCord EV Charger A Portable, Faster Solution

Given that electric cars are slowly becoming more popular, it was only a matter of time before makers of accessories for these vehicles began innovating to remain competitive. One of the most recent examples of this is from EV charging… Read More