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Could our Future World be Made of CO2 from Air?

  Researchers at George Washington University in Washington, DC have devised a way to pull CO2 out of air and turn the carbon into carbon nanofibers, the wonder material that now makes racing bikes and other high tech sporting goods… Read More

LEDs Are Changing the Look of Indoor Farming

Indoor farming isn’t a new concept, but bringing LEDs into it is making the process more cost-effective. Traditional farmers are hostages to the weather. Drought, flood, or an early frost can destroy entire harvests and cost the agricultural sector millions… Read More
Fairphone 5000

Fairphone Is Going To Be A Real Thing!

Late last year we brought you news of a really cool mobile phone. No, it’s not just another major wireless company launching yet another “eco-friendlier” phone. It’s something completely new. It’s Fairphone: the world’s first openly-designed, conflict-free phone that’s made… Read More
Lisa Jackson apple

Apple Hires Ex-EPA Chief Lisa Jackson For A Green Sheen

Apple, which hasn’t always had a peachy relationship with the environmental community, is winning plaudits for its hiring of Lisa Jackson, who recently departed after a four-year stint as administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. CEO Tim Cook let… Read More
google data center

Google Data Center To Get New Renewables From Duke

Google’s efforts to ensure that it sources new renewable power for its North Carolina data center – instead of just “reshuffling the output of existing projects” – have apparently paid off. The Internet giant said on Friday that Duke Energy… Read More
supercapacitor graphene

Graphene Supercapacitors: The End Of Batteries?

If these UCLA researchers are right – and we might find out pretty soon – energy storage could be in for a big change. Richard Kaner and his graduate student Maher El-Kady have been trumpeting graphene micro-supercapacitors that would combine… Read More