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window socket

This Gadget Turns Any Window Into A Power Outlet

Solar chargers, a revolutionary idea just a few short years ago, are popping up everywhere. We’ve featured dozens, maybe even 100 on this site to date. But none of them offer the simplicity and intuitive design of the Window Socket.… Read More

Very Small Wind Hopes To Power You Up

When I see the line, “Say you’re at Burning Man, where there’s a bunch of wind,” I’m thinking, yep, Pacific Sky Power knows its potential market. You’ve heard about “small wind,” a category of wind power in which turbines range… Read More
Voto charger

Voto Turns Your Grill Into A Biomass Phone Charger

Planning to attend some backyard barbecues this summer? You might want to tuck this handy gadget in among your hot dog buns and sunscreen. Created by California-based Point Source Power, VOTO is a fire-activated fuel cell. Designed to work with… Read More
peddlers creamery LA

LA Creamery Dishes Up Pedal-Churned Ice Cream

A friend on Facebook shared a great quote yesterday: “Think of bicycles as rideable art that can just about save the world.” -Grant Petersen, a bicycle designer and the founder of Rivendell Bicycle Works. Bikes really are amazing things. Even… Read More
Ramshackel hemp grip tape

Skateboarders Replace Grip Tape With Hemp Carpet

Back when I was hanging around skate parks, pretending to be cool, grip tape was as common as hoodies and Airwalk shoes. Skaters use this sandpaper-like material to provide more traction. A properly taped skateboard stays closer to the feet… Read More
algae living night light

DIY This Algae-Powered Night Light

Night lights are kids’ favorite monster deterrent, but I know quite a few adults that like having them around as well. A good night light can keep you from stubbing your toe on the night stand without blinding you like… Read More
helical robotics wind turbine robot

Helical Robotics Debuts Wireless Turbine-Climbing Robots

Wind turbines look like giant pinwheels, light-colored towers rotating purposefully in the breeze. At least from a distance. Stand right underneath a wind turbine, and you’ll see that there’s nothing delicate about these marvels of renewable energy. As turbines increase… Read More
folding solar charger

Solar Charger Unfolds Kickstarter Success Story

Wisconsin solar tinkerer and middle school teacher Joshua Zimmerman was aiming to raise $5,000 with his Folding USB Solar Cell Kickstarter, or maybe a little bit more, but just 12 days into its monthlong run the project has gathered in… Read More
dark energy reservoir

Ultra-Thin Charger Powers Your Smartphone For A Week

I just got a new smartphone. Being hyper-aware of its energy-sucking tendencies, I immediately enabled every power-saving feature available. Screen at minimal brightness, GPS turned off unless necessary. Even though I mostly use it for checking social media and texting,… Read More
cryo jellyfish robot

Robotic Jellyfish Could Stand Guard Over Oceans

Although you may only use them for swimming or fishing, the oceans are some of the busiest thoroughfares on the planet. Fleets of tankers, cruisers, drilling platforms, and barges constantly criss-cross the globe via these aquatic highways, leaving string of … Read More