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ford personalized fuel efficiency challenge

Ford Launches $50K Fuel Efficiency App Contest

Best in class MPG. 36 highway/26 city. Vehicle fuel efficiency claims are thrown around constantly these days, but what do they really mean? How many are true, and more importantly, how many do you recall when making a decision about… Read More
supercapacitor graphene

Graphene Supercapacitors: The End Of Batteries?

If these UCLA researchers are right – and we might find out pretty soon – energy storage could be in for a big change. Richard Kaner and his graduate student Maher El-Kady have been trumpeting graphene micro-supercapacitors that would combine… Read More
Powertrekk, hydrogen, fuel cell, charger

PowerTrekk Portable Fuel Cell To Hit Shelves In April

Keeping gadgets charged and ready can be a constant struggle. We’re not always withing cord-shot of an electrical outlet, and even when we are, there’s the nagging knowledge that most of that electricity comes from dirty sources. Solar or kinetic … Read More