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Audi Wants To Put Wind Power In Your Gas Tank

There are a lot of ways to go at dealing with the intermittent nature of wind power (and solar, too). Batteries for storage are one approach, but are too expensive at any large scale right now. Pumped hydro can work,… Read More

Concentrating Solar: Can Storage Save Its Bacon?

Jigar Shah says concentrating solar power “is dead,” slain by ever-cheaper PV. But can storage save the industry? The Concentrating Solar Power Alliance says so, and a fresh study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory is bolstering the industry group’s… Read More
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Apple Designs A Wind Energy Storage Scheme

There’s no plan to put a wind turbine on the iPhone or iPad, so far as we know – but Apple nevertheless is apparently dabbling in wind power technology. Apple Insider on Thursday uncovered the company’s June 2011 application with… Read More
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US-Backed Battery Maker A123 Headed To Chinese Firm

The government-backed advanced battery maker A123 Systems is headed for Chinese ownership. Again. But stay tuned. After a bankruptcy auction, A123 said on Sunday that Wanxiang America, the Chicago-based arm of Wanxiang Group, would pay $256.6 million for most of… Read More