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flow battery slac

Flow What: A Battery Designed For Grid Storage

Even if you accept that storage is a prerequisite to increased renewable energy deployment – a proposition that might deserve more debate – there are many technologies beyond batteries. Still, batteries are among the possibilities, so when a researcher publishes… Read More

Desert Pumped Hydro Proposal Gets Scrutiny

Would it cause irreparable and unnecessary habitat damage or is it a relatively benign price to pay in the fight against global warming? That’s the question – again – as the quest for renewable energy in the Southwest United States… Read More
hydrogen natural gas pipeline

How Natural Gas Pipelines Could Boost Hydrogen

A new report commissioned by the U.S. Department of Energy on blending hydrogen into natural gas pipelines – an idea being explored in Germany – suggests it could be a worthwhile strategy to pursue, both now to help take advantage… Read More
wind energy storage

Radical Wind Concept Promises Energy Storage

In some of the clean energy sectors – wave and tidal power especially, but even solar – a steady supply of novel concepts arrive to stoke the imagination (and provide fodder for renewable energy writers). Land-based wind power? Not so… Read More
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Graphene Supercapacitors: The End Of Batteries?

If these UCLA researchers are right – and we might find out pretty soon – energy storage could be in for a big change. Richard Kaner and his graduate student Maher El-Kady have been trumpeting graphene micro-supercapacitors that would combine… Read More

Wind Energy Battery Storage Advances, Despite Hiccups

Advanced batteries and fires – it’s a subject in the news with Boeing’s well-publicized Dreamliner issues, so it’s one that can’t be ignored as more wind power plants integrate energy storage with batteries. Last week, Duke Energy announced that a… Read More