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Wood Battery Graph

Tree-Power? Scientists Test Battery Made Of Wood

Get ready to throw all of your assumptions about how to make a battery right out the window. Scientists at the University of Maryland are working on a powerful new battery that could help reduce hazardous waste usually associated with… Read More
coda automotive los angeles

Coda EV Battery Tech Becomes Grid Start Up

Nobody wanted Coda’s plug-in electric sedans. Will anyone want its grid batteries? Fortress Investment Group (FIG) seems to think so. The New York-based investment firm announced this week that it’s going ahead with a plan to turn the bankrupt EV… Read More

Wind To Hydrogen Passes Big Test In Germany

The world is getting pretty good at producing renewable power, as solar and wind continue to become more efficient, less expensive and more widely adopted. Renewable fuel, however – beyond problematic biofuels – is more of a challenge, but there… Read More

Big Squeeze: Compressed Air For Wind Energy Storage

Compressed air is getting new attention as a large-scale energy storage technology from researchers in the Pacific Northwest, who have pegged two locations on the dry side of Washington as possible sites for putting different approaches to work. The general… Read More

Floating Wind Turbines With Undersea Energy Storage

Offshore wind power, attractive for so many reasons but right now rather expensive, could get another notch in its plus column under an MIT scenario that calls for the addition of utility-scale storage literally under the turbines. “Storage spheres” –… Read More