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American Physical Society grid report

Renewables Storage Key To Growth On Grid

Improving energy storage capabilities is the top challenge in boosting the amount of renewables on the U.S. grid, according to a new report from a leading organization of physicists. To address it, the American Physical Society (APS) calls on the… Read More
Southern California Edison, Tehachapi wind power

In Rust Belt, Energy-Storage Gets Boost

One grant to one company won’t turn the Rust Belt into a thriving clean-energy mecca. But International Battery in Pennyslvania’s Lehigh Valley will take what it can get, and in this case it’s getting $800,000 from the state’s Energy Development… Read More

$55M Project Testing Wind Energy Storage

You’ve heard the criticism of wind power: the sharp rises and falls in output as wind speed variations make it an unreliable contributor to the grid, forcing power managers to hold large reserves. Locating wind farms in diverse locations can… Read More
Bigelow Canyon Wind Farm

Water Heaters Get Their Smart Grid On

Wind power is one the rise in the U.S., thanks in part to a flurry of federal and state incentives, as are smart grid and smart meter systems aimed at helping homeowners save money and utility companies reach new efficiency… Read More

Man Made Islands May Be Wind Power Key

While it’s clear that wind power has a lot of potential, harnessing that potential rests largely on being able to store energy for use when the wind isn’t blowing. A new design by Copenhagen-based architectural firm Gottlieb Paludan called Green… Read More
Sulfur-sodicum batteries

Xcel Energy Tackles Wind Power Storage

How to effectively store electricity generated by cleantech renewables like wind and solar is currently a million dollar question–and Xcel Energy believes they have the answer. According to a recent release, the company recently tested its wind-to-battery storage project in… Read More