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ZBB 500 kWH battery

U.S. Army Uses Big Battery In Microgrid Test

We recently covered Sunverge’s choice to employ an 8.2 kilowatt hour battery as part of its up-coming micro-grid demonstration. Now we learn that Eaton Corporation, as part of a contract with the U.S. Army, will be using a 500 kilowatt… Read More
Ford DTE Energy

Ford Sparks Solar Power At Michigan Plant

Ford, alongside DTE Energy, announced this month that a new 500 kilowatt solar power system at its Michigan Assembly plant is now operational. It serves both as a test pilot program and also the automaker’s largest solar power generating system… Read More

Clean Energy Storage Development An Issue

The advances in renewable energy technologies over the past few months are both encouraging and exciting but the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) warns that there’s a critical component involved in delivering all of this energy… Read More
Professor Lei Zhai- UCF

Energy Storage Potential From Frozen Smoke

There are some exciting technologies emerging around the effort to extend battery life in digital devices. We recently reported about a chip that reduces consumption in digital devices to extend battery life, but what about improving the battery itself? It… Read More
Hawi wind power plant, Hawaii, Big Island

Hawaii Wind Power Gets Energy Storage

Long cycle life is important for a battery in any circumstance. But when batteries are storing power produced from wind, and they’re tied into the grid, they also need the ability to respond to rapid fluctuations in supply and demand.… Read More
solar farm

Xtreme and Xcel Team Up on Solar Storage

Electrical grids rely on a steady source of power, while sunshine is intermittent–which means that energy storage is a major issue on the frontiers of solar power. Xtreme Power Inc. is looking to address that issue through a new partnership… Read More

Mexico Gets 1 GW Of Clean Energy Storage

At the recent United Nations climate change conference in Mexico, a major announcement was made which will have an interesting impact on the nascent renewable energy storage market. Mexico’s president Felipe Calderón announced plans for his nation to host a… Read More