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bee pollen

Pollen Batteries: Nothing To Sneeze At

A group out of Purdue University is working towards making battery anodes out of renewable, easy-to-source pollen. Talk about green energy! Energy storage is a hot topic. As great as renewable energies are, unless there’s a good way to store… Read More

Rush for Tesla Batteries Shifts Storage Paradigm

Yeah, you might say that Tesla’s big battery announcement went over pretty well. Within days of introducing the Powerwall and Powerpack – attractive units, but more importantly, less expensive than expected – the company had booked $800 million in reservations.… Read More
mit thermophotovoltaics

MIT Turns Up The Heat On Solar PV

You might think that fewer steps in the process of turning sunlight into electricity would be the most efficient way to go. But that’s not the case with a new technique from MIT researchers, who added a layer of complexity… Read More
uc san diego nanotrees

Scientists Inch Toward Sunlight-To-Fuel Goal

As work to make solar power more efficient and affordable proceeds – important work that can boost solar’s share of the electricity we consume – some scientists are off on an entirely different research path. This is the effort to… Read More
harvard flow battery

Harvard Battery Could Help Wind, Solar Flow

Flow batteries – more akin to fuel cells, really – are getting increasing attention as researchers press to meet a need for energy storage brought on by the rise of intermittent renewable sources like solar and wind.  Now Harvard scientists,… Read More
hitachi energy storage

Big Renewable-Friendly Battery From Hitachi

Who knows how economical it might be, but the Japanese electronics and industrial giant Hitachi is moving toward marketing an energy storage system that could be a companion piece to renewable power generation – another sign of the growing interest… Read More

SolarCity, Tesla In Energy Storage Hook-up

Rooftop solar leader SolarCity is promoting a new move into solar-tied energy storage systems for businesses, using battery technology from – get ready for this – Tesla Motors. Well, the fact that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is also the SolarCity… Read More