I spend a lot of time in front of my laptop. Most of the time it’s on a table or desk in front of me (that’s when I’m formally working) but other times, it’s balanced precariously in my lap (that’s when I’m just goofing around). Turns out, that’s a really stupid way to use your laptop, and could be putting my health (and yours) in jeopardy.

Like all of the electronics we utilize throughout the day, laptops emit electromagnetic field radiation (EMF). When you use your laptop directly on your lap, it exposes important bits like your reproductive organs to heat and radiation that could be a health risk. If you love curling up on the couch with a good Netflix movie, don’t despair: SafeSleeve is a multi-functional laptop accessory that provides protection for your computer and personal protection from EMF.

Image via SafeSleeve

Now, I’m sure some of you are getting ready to challenge the fact that laptops present a greater than average risk to your health. It’s true that the research isn’t conclusive. However, a study published recently in the Archives of Environmental and Occupational Health showed that “the power supply induces strong intra-corporal electrical current densities in both adult and fetus subjects—71%-483% and 1882%-263% higher, respectively, than ICNIRP basic restrictions recommend to prevent adverse health effects.”

I figure, there are plenty of things out there that can make you sick or even kill you, why let your laptop be one of them?

SafeSleeve is a slim, professional looking case that provides minimal protection against dirt and scratches while you’re laptop’s inside. Then, when it’s time to use, it’s placed underneath your lappy where the “military grade, lead-free shielding material inside will block EMF radiation and heat emissions from the bottom of your laptop” according to the creators.

The patent-pending design is currently gathering funding on Indiegogo, and is only $3,000 away from its goal, so there’s a very good chance that it will be in stores soon! Starting at $69.

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