Incandescent light bulbs waste most of their energy on heat instead of light. CFLs are more efficient, but many complain that their light is too harsh and the design is unattractive. LEDs are better than both incandescents and CFLs, but they’re expensive, and not always compatible with vintage light fixtures. So what’s a retro decor lover to do? The answer may be to get Lit. No, not the “drown your sorrows” kind—the hybrid technology light bulb kind.

The brain child of industrial designer Elie Ahovi, the “Lit” concept looks just like the same old light bulb, but it’s much smarter. Lit uses hybrid LED technology to recreate the comforting aesthetic of an incandescent light bulb, while providing the same energy efficiency of a CFL.

Lit Hybrid Light Bulb
image via Elie Ahovi

In addition to duplicating the same familiar globe shape of a traditional light bulb, Lit features an optical LED fiber which is shaped to look like the filament of a regular incandescent bulb. “This technology gives an incredible lifetime to the bulb, with an excellent and dimmable light quality through the time,” notes Ahovi on his website. This design also allows the bulb itself to be used in sockets and light fixtures that are made for traditional incandescent bulbs, making it much easy to adopt.

Even more incredible, DesignBuzz points out, is that Lit was created using an unbreakable clear polycarbonate that protects the bulb from breakage and extends its lifespan also. This should come as a relief to those concerned about possible air pollution from CFLs, which contain trace amounts of mercury, and have to be cleaned up in a very controlled manner when broken.

Ahovi has designed Lit as an entry into the 2012 BraunPrize competition, which will be judged in July. We’ll keep you posted!

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