Society’s obsession with the latest devices has made electronic waste the fastest growing waste stream in the world. But many electronic devices and appliances have value long after their blinking lights have been extinguished. Until recycling regulations require better recovery and management of these unloved resources, it’s up to the makers and designers to give them a second life.

Over the years, we’ve seen lots of different computer recycling ideas, but none have the undeniable cute factor of these upcycled Apple computer pet beds.

Image via Etsy - AtomicAttic

The break-neck speed at which computers have evolved from room-sized monsters to pocket-sized processors is truly amazing. We forget that it wasn’t really that long ago that Apple’s colorful, tower-less, desktop Macs were seen in every college computer lab and internet cafe.

“When we found this ancient, yet not so ancient, Mac Studio Apple Computer, we knew what it was destined to be,” write the owners of Etsy’s AtomicAttic.

Image via Etsy - AtomicAttic

Each Mac is carefully separated from its internal components, and all sharp edges are removed, leaving a perfect 17″ deep nook for your furry friend. Each pet bed comes with a removable slipcover that is triple stitched, machine washable, as well as a cushion.

It’s obviously a hit with the kitties (you can see the creators’ cat Mavis enjoying it above), as they’re particularly fond of finding unexpected places to sneak away for an afternoon nap, but a pint-sized doggy might enjoy it as well ($129 on Etsy).

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