A green wireless washer at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show? You read that right – often the technology buzz at this yearly trade show focuses on the exotic gadgets coming from many a manufacturer for the coming shopping year. CES, however, is also a major showcase for new technological innovations in the home appliances sector, and the new Samsung WF457 front load washer just happens to fit in that category.

The WF457, by way of being green, makes use of energy efficiency practices enough so that it was rated a “Most Efficient 2011” product by Energy Star. It uses just 96 kWh/year in electricity and up to 70 percent less water than comparable top-loading washing machines, according to Samsung. It is also smart grid ready – the first Samsung washer to be so – making it a product that will work with utility providers to offer better efficiency of consumers’ electricity consumption and CO2emissions.

image via Samsung

It was also given an industry award at CES in the eco-design category.

With regards to other features, the WF457 certainly seems loaded with lots of bells and whistles. It is wireless first and foremost, which means in a nutshell you can connect to it remotely through a wireless network and smart phone application to monitor cycle selections, remaining time and finishing alerts, as well as remotely start or pause the washer.

Other aspects of this washer include an 8-inch color LCD touchscreen, a diagnostics system for troubleshooting errors, various steam and specialty cycles for different wash needs and a stainless steal drum that offers up enough capacity to hold what Samsung says is the equivalent of 31 bath towels.

image via Samsung

Samsung said the WF457 washer and matching dryer will be available at major retailers in Spring 2012.

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