What do we want? Demand response! When do we want it? More and more often, according to a recent survey conducted by Frost & Sullivan, a growth-oriented company whose survey, entitled Smart Grid Market – A Customer Perspective on Demand Response, revealed interesting details about demand response programs.

What exactly is demand response? A load management program offered by local utilities or other service providers, and a critical component in the increasing adoption of smart grid systems. “Demand response is considered an essential component of smart grid rollout,” says Frost & Sullivan, “as it is expected to reduce overall construction of peak generation plants, as well as improve overall power quality and the environment.” According to the company’s survey, which consisted of 600 U.S. residences, 45 percent of those polled reported an increase in their electric bill due to increased energy consumption, and 60 percent stated a desire to change their electricity usage patterns in an effort to save money, though they also stated a hope for monetary savings in exchange for signing on to a demand response program.

smart grid
Image via Intel

The survey also noted a high likelihood for customers adopting demand response should they, the consumers, have access to smart appliances. Because smart appliances operate on a variety of modes, smart grid connectivity would allow them to be disabled during peak usage times, thereby saving consumers money by shutting off appliances that don’t need to be used, yet often still are.

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