Another company rolling into the Consumer Electronics Show with eco-friendly mobile device cases is Mizco, a maker of accessories for mobile devices. The company, through its DigiPower division, is showing off its new Back to Nature Series. Four cases make of this series and all are made of recycled materials.

Mizco says its Back to Nature Series will range in price from around $15 to $30. They specifically note that “the black flip and fold-over cotton woven cases, which also feature an embroidered flap, are manufactured from 100% degradable cotton. The flip and fold-over black hemp cases are constructed entirely from 100% biodegradable hemp. The recycled paper cases feature 100% recycled pulp from used paper and a 100% linen lining, making it both eco-friendly and fully degradable. Finally, the dark natural bamboo cases are created from 100% crude bamboo structure with crude bamboo block and remaining construction material.”

image via Mizco

“In every way we can, in every product we design and manufacture, the DIGIPOWER Division of Mizco International is committed to incorporating a higher level of environmental responsibility,” Division President Maurice Mizrahi said today in a statement. “The Back to Nature Series reflects this commitment but it does so in a way that still results in a rugged, long lasting series of cases that will generate high turnover and margins for our dealers.”

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