New iPhone Cases Made From Recycled Rubber Tires

When you wander into your Apple store to hunt down accessories for your iPhone or iPad, chances are you are in need of a case. Have you stopped to consider though the materials which make up the stylish slip you just bought for your fancy smartphone? Designer Benjamin Weinstein of renewpurpose has, and is running a Kickstarter effort to help fund his desire to design stylish cases and bags from discarded rubber tire inner tubes.

Weinstein notes rubber tires, while made to be strong and long lasting, are essentially horrible for general recycling attempts. They thus end up in landfills or stockpiles, creating huge health risks to nearby individuals, especially if they catch on fire. It is through their toughness though that, crafted properly, can be made into excellent protective devices for your precious Apple portable devices.

image via renewpurpose

image via renewpurpose

renewpurpose, through relationships with recycling centers and scrap dealers, and working with a small workshop specializing in making small bags and cases, developed prototypes which combine the external durability of recycled inner tubes with an inner case lining that’s both colorful and said to make sliding the device in and out rather easy.

Prices for the cases look to be set between $30 and $45, depending upon the size and function. The Kickstarer effort is currently focused on helping to absorb the up front costs to bulk purchase the minimum necessary rubber materials as well as pay the small workshop Weinstein is working with to produce the cases.

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