WeMo Switch Controls Hard-Wired Lights From Anywhere

Like many home appliance companies, Belkin has been scrambling to find its place in an increasingly technological world. Like LG and others, the company recently released an entire line of home energy management products that make it easier to be efficient. Combining the magic of wireless access with intuitive gadgets, Belkin launched the WeMo line in 2012. The newest addition, the WeMo switch, was recently unveiled at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show.

Not only does this smart switch give you the ability to control your home lighting from anywhere in the world, it also features compatibility for Android devices, which makes it quite desirable to non-iPhone families like mine.

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Image via Belkin

Now, products that make it possible to remotely control a single lamp or device plugged into a single light socket do already exist. What makes the WeMo light switch different is that it can be used to control your regular household light fixtures, the ones that are hard wired into the ceiling or wall, and typically controlled by a flip switch.

The WeMo Light Switch replaces that existing light switch and connects into your home’s existing electrical wiring. Once in place, users have the ability to turn the full bank of lights on and off from anywhere, put them on a schedule, or use other WeMo or online triggers to control them through a smartphone or tablet. The WeMo Light Switch is controlled via the same free WeMo app as the WeMo Switch and Motion, making it easy for those who have already invested in WeMo devices to control them all from one app.

And then there’s the expansion into the Android market. After all, why should iPhone users have all the fun? In February, Belkin will launch an open Beta test for users of the Samsung Galaxy SIII and other leading devices and follow with an official launch in the summer.

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