How To Make Your Phone Green

Before you ask, this isn’t a guide on painting phones with nail varnish, or a roundup of the latest green cases for mobile phones. Nor is it an instruction manual on making your mobile phone jealous. (Although if you want to do that, you could always take it for a little trip around your local Apple store, and gush over the latest version of the iPhone).

No, this is how to turn you mobile phone into a mini eco-warrior. We’ve all got to make the effort to helping the planet, and it’s the little-and-often practises that can make all the difference. We all know to turn our computers and televisions off at the mains, and to only fill the kettle as much as we need to. But what about green mobile phones? How can we make them work for the planet whilst still working for us?

Well, the first is to extend the lifespan of your phone. This might prove difficult if you’re a tech lover like us, but rushing out to buy the latest model every six months isn’t doing the planet any favours. Continue to use your phone for as long as possible – pick long mobile phone contracts (which work out cheaper anyway), and maximise its life by taking care of it. When it does come to replacing your handset, ensure you recycle your old mobile phone with a mobile phone recycling company. Many of them will pay you money for your old phone too – so you’re doing something good and you’ve got a bit more cash to spend down the pub.

Next is to do your research. If you’re swayed toward a particular model, brand or network, do a little digging and investigate their environmental practises and policies. If you don’t like what you find, don’t go for that phone, or provider. And tell the company why you’ve made that decision. They are likely to listen if enough potential customers are vocal as to why they aren’t spending their money.

Nokia and Samsung are reportedly good on the eco front, using sustainable and recyclable packaging, as well as reducing the amount of PVC (a popular material used in mobile phone production) in their handsets. Samsung leads green mobile phone recycling in Europe, and has been at the forefront of a number of initiatives since the 90s, so are a good choice if you’re looking for a green mobile phone provider.


  • Reply March 7, 2012

    Gerald Shechter

    The problem, of course, is with operating systems that cannot be upgraded after a certain periiod of time because the company that wants to sell you a new phone no longer supports your old operating system.

  • Reply July 6, 2012


    Great article on how to make our earth greener and to do recycling. Because of pollution we have many climatic changes and global warming. But to control these effects we need to do something very simpler. This article points out simple things that we can do to keep our Earth greener. I hope mobile OS developer will create updates accordingly to use our phones longer.

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