iPad Speaker Offers Natural, Passive Sound

You may have seen our article last week covering the iBamboo Speaker. At the time, the device was the one of the first totally natural and passive method of iPhone sound amplification we’d seen so far, but it appears there’s another contender in this somewhat unique space and this one adds in iPad compatibility.

Check out these wooden, iPhone and iPad speaker docks from designer YellowGlueBlues. Like the iBamboo speaker, there are no electronics or batteries involved. These passive speaker solutions work by channeling the sound from an iPhone or iPad’s built-in speaker through resonant wood channels to create a naturally amplified sound, not totally unlike a megaphone does.

image via YellowGlueBlues

These particular speakers appear to be available in maple, cherry and walnut wood and range in price from$50.00-$60.00 from Etsy.com. The iPhone version features two tunnels, which the designer says are precision drilled to create the best possible sonic result. The iPad version features just one “sound tunnel.”

We aren’t sure if the wood is obtained from sustainable sources, but its fair to say these devices have a pretty small impact on our environment, especially when compared with their electronic counterparts. Of course, one should only expect a moderate amount of amplification and sound quality more or less on par with with what an¬†iPhone’s speaker produces on its own.

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