iPad Cases Made Of Sustainable Wood Stylish

Oregon based Substrata makes specialty wood products like cutting boards and cabinets but they also offer a line of cases for iPhones, Macbook Air computers and iPads. To follow up on the release of the new iPad 2, the company has created a new line of cases to suit the revamped iPad. What’s more, the company claims to make sustainability one of its top priorities, so reportedly practices related to this impact how its products are made.

Three models of cases are available for purchase now with an expected ship date sometime in May. The “Tabletop” case is made from solid birch plywood and leather that is reclaimed from local scrap. The “Open” case acts as an iPad frame, is made of solid hardwood and allows access to all buttons and jacks on the iPad. The “Artisan” model can be ordered to include one, two or three different wood types, has a lid with wooden hinge that turns the iPad screen on and off as it is opened and closed and functions as a stand for the iPad in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

image via Substrata

Substrata says it takes a multifaceted approach toward making sure its practices and impact on the world are sustainable. One of the ways the company does this is by sourcing its exotic hardwoods “from suppliers who have the long term interests of their supply source in mind.” The company’s primary supplier is a wholesaler that reportedly only purchases from well established sawmills that employ sustainable forestry practices, only harvesting mature trees to ensure the longevity of the source forest. The company also aims to reduce waste and reuse scrap whenever possible.  If scrap is to small to be used in a product, it is used instead to help heat the company’s shop and keep electricity consumption down.

Substrata iPad case

image via Substrata

Wood shavings make their way into product packaging as filler material and, in the case of the company’s cutting board and counter-top packaging, recycled cardboard boxes procured from local appliance and furniture stores are used as shipment packaging.

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