Cute Teddy Bear Doubles As Power Monitor

Sick of your kids always leaving the lights and television on, wasting energy and contributing to global warming? Vote your support for the Smart and Cute Power Monitor in this year’s Ecomagination Challenge, and you won’t have to lecture your offspring anymore about the fate of the polar bears.

This plush polar bear toy is actually a power monitor which communicates with your home’s electrical power meter. When usage spikes over a designated threshold, the bear turns pink, indicating danger to wildlife populations worldwide affected by greenhouse gases and global warming. When the bear turns green, kids can rest assured they’re doing their part to keep such critters from losing their homes.

Polar Bear Power Monitor

image via GE Ecomagination Challenge

A bit simplistic, sure, but this concept does a great job of putting a warm and cuddly face on a big, abstract issue that can be hard for children to grasp. And really, who could argue with that little fuzzy face?

Remember kids, the green polar bear is your friend. And the pink polar bear? He really, really wants you to turn off the lights.

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