eRoll Concept Unrolls As Flexible, Foldable E-Book Reader

In the quest for the perfect e-book reader, the Kindle and the iPad have thus far dominated design thinking. But why reproduce the rigidity of books when we have the tech to make these type of electronics flexible? That appears to be the thinking behind a new concept design from Dragan Trencevski called the eRoll (which comes to us via Yanko Design).

The eRoll e-book reader apparently features a touch-screen menu that scrolls from the top of the document while viewing. Touch on it to select between different applications and documents–and when you’re done, simply press a button and allow the eRoll to roll itself back up into its baton-like carrying case. Not only is it a eminently portable design, it’s one that protects the valuable screen of the e-book reader from unintended and potentially damaging impact during transport.


image via Yanko Design

Of course, there are those who almost certainly will prefer a more book-like reader, helping to provide the illusion of curling up in a cozy chair with the comforting shape of that good old fashioned paper version. Where we really see the eRoll succeeding is with those who enjoy unfolding the morning paper. After all, subscription costs to the New York Times alone would justify the purchase of such a thing if an e-subscription were priced fairly (not to mention the benefits of being able to read just about every other newspaper on the same gadget).

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