Multi-Socket Solar Dokk Takes Design Cues From Pill Bug

Now here’s a concept: a solar charger that can juice up more than one gadget at a time. Now, here’s the concept design: the Solar Dokk by designer Seo Seung Hyun, a charger that maximizes both surface area and sockets through flexible, versatile design.

The Solar Dokk, which won the Red Dot Award according to Greenlaunches, has a circular shape that efficiently provides maximum surface area without bulk, thanks to a design inspired by the Armadillidium vulgare, or “pill bug.” The bug, which normally lays flat, rolls itself into a ball when it gets excited by bending its armored sections. The Solar Dokk socket board can likewise bend its divided sections into a circular shape, allowing for multiple gadgets to plug into its hidden sockets without decreasing solar surface area.


image via Greenlaunches

Although the designer admits that there are still some technical obstacles that will need to be overcome before the Solar Dokk becomes a reality, he’s confident that this multi-socket charger design poses an attractive possibility for solar gadget-charging in the near future.

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