Kinetic Gizmos We Love: The Jumping Rope Flashlight Concept

Okay, let’s just admit it: we at EarthTechling love kinetic energy gizmos, for a number of reasons: they’re somewhat ridiculous, they save the earth and they get us up off our technologically-padded behinds in order to (what else?) power our technology!

The Jumping Light concept from designers Hyun Joo Lee and Eu Tteum Lee (which comes to us by way of Yanko Design and Tree Hugger) is certainly no exception. It takes a form of exercise all but the most hard-core aerobics enthusiasts associate with childhood–the jump-rope–and turns it into a kinetic-powered flashlight. Of course! Because jump-roping and camping are natural companions! Well, maybe not, but you can’t deny the cleverness of housing a kinetically-powered electric torch in the handles of a skipping rope.

image via Yanko Design

image via Yanko Design

The basic idea is simple: as you skip rope it takes your kinetic energy and converts it into electricity that looks to be stored in an internal battery for later powering of the LED flashlights built into the handles. A built-in screen shows you how many skips you’ve done and how much the battery is charged. Sure that wind-up flashlight you purchased from the online eco-store is great in an emergency, what with the lack of batteries and all. But will powering up that light get your glutes in shape and elevate your heart-rate? We didn’t think so.

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