Wind-Up Mouse Offers Computing With A Twist

While logically we may understand that our desktop computer mouse uses electricity, it’s probably not something we think about on a daily basis. A new concept design from designer Ahmet Bekte could change that, taking a cue from an old fashioned children’s toy–the wind-up mouse–and giving it a modern, energy-saving twist: Sustail, the wind-up computer mouse.

The Sustail works by providing users with a detachable wind-up key kept in the underbelly of the mouse. When you’re ready to get to work, simply fit the key into a knob at the bottom of the desktop mouse and wind, wind, wind, until you hear the distinct feedback sound that means the device has reached full charge. You’re now ready to mouse to your heart’s content–although, presumably, you may need to give this gizmo another wind-up or two if you’re planning on pulling an all-nighter.

image via Yankodesign

image via Yankodesign

While some users might balk at the idea of having to wind up an electronic device before using it, there is something undeniably cool about number of emerging concept designs that make use of basic human energy to power high tech gizmos. According to the designer, the idea here is to for the user to “produce before consuming”–an admirable tenet for good old fashioned sustainability.

Sustail Wind-Up Mouse

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