New iPhone App Assesses Wind Power Potential, Wherever

Wondering whether wind power in your backyard is a pipe-dream or a real possibility? A new iPhone app by Mariah Power, developer and marketer of the Windspire wind turbine, allows user to assess potential wind power in their home yards or outdoor office spaces simply by holding their smartphone skyward.

Windspire Me works by expressing local wind speed data in terms of the home and office appliances it could power; it also shows the amount of carbon dioxide that could be eliminated by the use of that wind as an clean, green energy source. An average wind-speed of 12 mph, for example, could be put to work in powering a refrigerator and freezer for a year, while keeping more than 1650 lbs of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.


image via Ecotech Daily

image via Ecotech Daily

Intended to get people excited about wind as an alternative energy source, the Windspire Me app also allows users to share wind speeds with friends and other users around the world. It’s currently available for free download from the iTunes Store.

Windspire Me app [via Ecotech Daily]

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