Human-Powered Energy Concept Powers iPods

First, there was those crazy pants that power-your-MP3-while-you-run. Now, designers Choi Hyung-Suk & Yun Jung-Sik have taken the human-powered kinetic energy concept even further, with the Human Energy Recycle System, a design for a series of gadgets that could be attached to your hands, fingers and wrists during everyday activities, then harnessed later to power your favorite gadgets.

These wearable contraptions would come fitted with a battery that stores the juice harnessed through walking, or, presumably, even drying dishes and putting away the groceries. The batteries could be then removed and used to charge basics like cellphones and MP3 players. At home, the battery units could be inserted into something called an “Application Built-in Type,” which apparently would be used to store to supply power; there is also an option to use an “Application Portable Type” unit, which would work to harness energy generated by more heavy-duty kinetic energy such as using exercise machines and cycling.

image via Yankodesign

image via Yankodesign

Verging on something from The Matrix, the Human Energy Recycle System’s portable kinetic energy devices would be called, somewhat ominously, “Solution Units.” Let’s hope the aliens don’t get hold of this one.

Human Energy Recycle System

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